2019 Printable Calendar – A Sustainable Year

Nature is incredibly abundant.

Momentarily she is full of snow crystals, soon to be followed by rushing water molecules, then exploding with blades of grass, leaves, petals, pollen; sparkling with infinite stars in the sky. No numbers can express her opulence, yet images can grasp the grandeur and plenitude that she has to offer.

We’ve bundled up our year in pictures, so that we can share our landscape in the forests, the creeks and the meadows of northern Romania with you.

We encourage you to download and print our 2019 calendar – A Sustainable Year, access to nature is completely free.

As the months pass by, you will be rewarded with words of sustainable wisdom on each page. Read, absorb and take action accordingly.

If you enjoy our images of nature and eco-conscious words, and would like to contribute to our well-being, as well as the well-being of Earth, we invite you personally to become a Patron of ForestCreekMeadows. An investment in (y)our future, is an investment in the environment, as we grow a nursery and plant native trees which will become a multi-layered forest in the years to come. You may even wish to visit Breb, Romania some day and meet us, and the trees, in person.

With an abundance of green, we wish for you to start the new year on a sustainable path. May this be your greenest year yet!

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