2022 Earth Gratitude Calendar

Let’s start the year off right, giving ever more gratitude to Earth, our unconditional loving mother.

We know that recent times have been tough, which sometimes makes it hard to give thanks for all that is happening outside our control.

Yet, when we look outside, there is a whole other world waiting for us. One filled with trees, leaves, flowers, creatures big and small, flowing water, standing water, pebbles, boulders, clay, soil and every wonder of nature in between.

We’ve selected through our photographs taken in Breb, Romania and artfully digitized them, including them in our 2022 Earth Gratitude Calendar. This way, you can be inspired monthly to give thanks for living in such a beautiful world.

Csermely and Cheryl have designed two calendars, one beginning the week with Monday, the other starting the week on Sunday, to accommodate our readers throughout the lands.

A 2022-es naptárunk bármelyike magyar nyelven is elérhető, csak kérjük, jelezzék előre ezen az email címen: info@forestcreekmeadows.com.

Oricare calendar al nostru pentru anul 2022 este disponibil și în limba română, doar să le solicitați pe adresa email: info@forestcreekmeadows.com.

We even encourage you to take a peek before you donate.

It’s simple. Download your PDF file, then pay what you wish. Not the other way around.

Print an A4 Calendar starting with Monday (37.3 MB)

– or –

Print an 11″ x 8.5″ Calendar starting with Sunday (37.1 MB)

Print your favorite calendar in color, or go minimalist with black and white. It’s your choice.

All we ask from you is a one-time donation of €5 or more (the stars are the limit!) to ForestCreekMeadows.

All proceeds from our calendar sales go towards purchasing land for planting native trees and rewilding.

All the Earth wants is to be loved.