3 ways to embrace nature as a family in a busy world

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3 ways to embrace nature as a busy family

Busy is as busy does – and these days, life is busy all over the place, which leaves us with very few hours in the day to fully embrace nature.

From the moment our dreams are abruptly ended by the sound of the alarm, as we rush through breakfast to get to school or work on time, only to rush back home, tired and ready for an inviting bed with oversize covers. An oversimplified everyday story, yet for most of us, the daily grind is a never ending reality.

Likely you’ve heard it before, but I am here to tell it to you again – it doesn’t have to be that way! You get to choose the life you want, and you need to take inspired actions to get it.

An overabundance of responsibilities can overwhelm even the most seasoned adults, and when you add children into the mix? Well, this situation allows for all sorts of emotions to arise from the chaos. Chaos is caused when too many different types of energies are colliding together. This can result in meltdowns, breakdowns, and ultimately, frowns. None of that sounds friendly or inspiring, right? So, how can we get to that life-saving space of being unbusy enough to spend quality, sufficient time in nature?

When you hear your intuition shouting “Slow down!!”, take heed and listen with an open heart. It is calling out to you in protection of your own health and the wellbeing of the environment. It is essential to become unbusy to see the exciting opportunities that you are passing by at breakneck speed.

Embrace nature as a family in order to slow down, to become unbusy.

Once you have made the decision to voluntarily let go of “required” responsibilities, you’ll find that you have much more free time in your day. Rather than fall for the conveniences of entertaining technology to bide your time, you must do exactly the opposite.

In order to embrace nature, you must carve out time for precisely that, and there are three ways to accomplish this. Choose just one, or dive into them all, depending of course, on how unbusy you are, and how unbusy you wish to become.

Set your intention.

If you want to make time to embrace nature, you have to find time to embrace nature. Often times, this means saying no to other distracting opportunities, and an uncluttered/uncomplicated life is all about the no. But not just any kind of no, more like “I/We have other priorities at the moment”. Not to be selfish in any way, this is something that we should all be doing, and the more we do it together, as a family, the more we show respect for all siblings and parents involved. One happy little tribe is what we are after here, and how can one (individual or group) be more enthusiastic than in nature? Open up to the possibilities that going to the park will be an exciting family event, going on a bike ride, or even planting trees can be too. Start the day with a brisk walk or a run around the yard, even before turning on a screen.

Invest your time in a family digital detox.

Screens, by their very nature, are also a distraction to life. They absorb us with their luring glow and captivate our minds for minutes upon hours, though they rarely touch our hearts. They cannot give back like a human can, so the more we can give them up, do it! Carving out time in your day for a digital detox fosters engaged communication within the family. Replace the likes and hearts with hugs in real time. Forget the messages, and speak in longer sentences with deeper meaning attached to each conversation.

Can you, could you, would you?

  • Go for an entire day without your smartphone…
  • Allow for all meals to be enjoyed screen-free…
  • Shut off all technology for the night with the wi-fi unplugged…

When everyone does this at the same time, there is no jealousy, only more time for each other, like it or not. Use this time to get to know each other – explore, hike, play board games, read books and cook together. The important thing is that you support one another – and by all means, get outside and embrace nature!

Stumble upon eco-minimalism.

As one becomes unbusy, they naturally step into the world of eco-minimalism. And as the desire to shop gradually fades, in favor of more time spent creatively at home, it is the home that becomes the center of stability and sustainability. Paring down your belongings can, and should, be done as a family. Bringing new items in, comes with the same disclaimer. Above all, choose nature for your newfound sense of sustainable minimalism and bring it indoors! Foraged wreaths are beautiful any time of year, the materials can even be collected on your digital detox day for all to enjoy.

Bringing the consciousness of green, natural things inside your home, your nest, fosters a sense of belonging to our greater world. Turn off your devices and let that sink in, while you all sit, together, in quiet contemplation.

How will you find the time to become unbusy enough to enjoy nature as a family? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Cheryl Magyar

Cheryl is a freelance writer and content creator on all things related to simple living, ecological minimalism, organic gardening and foraging. She is the co-creator of the Earth Gratitude Journal, a monthly downloadable journal that focuses on having greater appreciation for living on this incredible planet.

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