30 Earth Gratitude Journal Prompts + Printable Worksheets

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A little bit of gratitude goes a long way.

It’s been said a hundred thousand times, but do you really believe it? Or is it just a phrase to repeat and set aside for a rainy day?

Hmmmm… a rainy day, which sometimes there are too many of. And more often than not, not enough. So, straight away we’ve landed on a topic of worldwide concern – the weather. Or rather, the changing climate. Whether it is really changing, or our perception of it is, it really doesn’t matter all that much. It is.

While there are physical actions we can take, such as going plastic-free, reducing our energy consumption, or walking instead of driving, it seems like something is still blocking the flow of living a natural, meaningful life. If you feel stuck on your ecological journey, you might want to read “What stops you from living simply and sustainably?” for an insight into what factors are keeping you where you are.

Taking action is a great way to get involved, yet, what we should put even more focus on is loving the Earth, the place we all call home.

Which brings us full circle back to gratitude.

Pause for a moment and wonder out loud: what in nature am I most grateful for?

Is it the sun which brightens your day and helps the plants to grow? Is it the moon which mysteriously, after all this time, keeps order in flow. The very stars in the night sky that bring a smile to your lips as you recognize but a few constellations?

In nature, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Yet, it would be wise to not take the presence of nature for granted. For the world can go on without us, but we cannot go on without the grass, the wildflowers, the bees, the trees, or the clean waters of the world.

One creative way we’ve found to reconnect with nature is by journaling with the help of earth gratitude journal prompts. Writing and being outside in the thick of it, as well as inside our home when the weather says it is time to seek shelter.

To keep the love of nature alive, across all generations, we encourage you to do the same.

Keeping a gratitude journal doesn’t have to be a daily practice, though it is something you should pick up monthly. Especially if you imagine a better future for yourself, your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

After all, as the Native American saying goes, “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

Keep that in mind as you work your way through the following earth gratitude journal prompts:

  • Describe, in detail, your favorite place in nature.
  • What outdoor experience are you most fond of?
  • What is a naturally occurring event you look forward to every year?
  • When, and where, have you felt totally safe in nature?
  • What animal encounters left you in a state of awe?
  • How often do you look up at the sky – night or day – to honor the sun, moon and stars?
  • What is your favorite flower and why?
  • How many trees can you identify?
  • How can you increase your knowledge of wild herbs and foraging?
  • What plants call out to you when walking in nature?
  • Recall what you felt, saw and heard on your longest hike?
  • Mountains or forest? Beach or lake? Write what you prefer and why.
  • Have I had any mystical/magical moments in nature that I’ve never shared?
  • What was my favorite family experience in nature?
  • What experiences would I like to encounter in nature?
  • How does the current me (and the future me) relate to rewilding?
  • What outdoor skills am I grateful for?
  • How much do I love being outside? If not enough, how can I change that?
  • Get outside, look around and write 5 things you are grateful for.
  • I’d like to see… (an ancient forest, a gentle creek, a bear, etc.)
  • I’m developing a love for all insects because…
  • A mistake in nature that I am grateful for…
  • My favorite time to be outside is…
  • My favorite season is… (don’t forget to tell why!)
  • Write about the most amazing sunrise or sunset you’ve ever seen.
  • The wildest water I’ve ever swam in was…
  • My heart skips a beat every time I see ……. in nature.
  • Nature always cheers me up when I feel down because…
  • Write about your best-loved tree.
  • What made you smile in nature today?

Choose one prompt a day, or go after the ones you like best. You can only win when you say positive things about the Earth and all of nature on it.

For even more inspiration, check out 3 new printable worksheets we made to give you space to express your gratitude for living on Earth.

Print them and fill them out (outside when the weather is appropriate).

And don’t forget to share with other like-minded, nature-loving people.

Download and share the worksheets with homeschoolers as well as those in school, adults and children alike, with anyone who has a desire to spend more meaningful time outdoors.

For more in-depth journal prompts, coloring pages, nature poems and more, we’d be ever so grateful for you to become a patron of Earth Gratitude Journal on Patreon.

Love yourself, love each other and love the Earth with all your heart. There is always more than enough love to go around.

Cheryl Magyar

Cheryl is a freelance writer and content creator on all things related to simple living, ecological minimalism, organic gardening and foraging. She is the co-creator of the Earth Gratitude Journal, a monthly downloadable journal that focuses on having greater appreciation for living on this incredible planet.

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