8 Ways I Am Going to Reawaken My Love for Nature This Month

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I have a question for you:

What is the biggest thing that is all around us, yet we often take for granted?

Yes, you guessed right, it’s nature.

It’s the deer in the meadow. The rising moon and the mist above the mountain tops. Petals falling from trees. It’s the feeling of being small, yet part of it all.

You may not see it, most likely you won’t even hear it, yet it is always there, moving wonders around you.

The time has come to reawaken your love for nature. For you, and for her.

When was the last time you stopped for a moment to admire something outdoors?

A pretty flower. Or a tall tree, even a dandelion gone to seed – if you find one, be sure to stop and make a wish! It might have been yesterday. Or last week… Or possibly you haven’t kept notice for a long, long time.

Reasons You Should Love Nature More & How to Do it Right

For starters, you deserve a break. And nature deserves to be loved, noticed and appreciated.

Everything and everybody enjoys being acknowledged for what they do and for who they are. There is no better way to show your love to the earth than getting outside. For ten minutes, an hour or preferably even longer.

Spending time outside is not only good for your mental health. It’s also a wonderful way to slow down a little. And that is very much needed in these modern times, when each day seems to pass by so quickly.

More then ever, nature needs our love and support.

Even if you are just planting a garden, a tree, or simply taking a walk, you are contributing to her well-being.

The reason you should show nature your love, is an endearing one. Without her, there would be no life on earth, no fresh air to breath, & no food to eat. Many of us are distanced from nature most of our lives, as if watching it through a glass window. Showing gratitude for what we have is the first step you should take towards making friends with the world outside. With the trees, birds, animals and even spiders!

So let’s get down to it. Here are 8 ways I am going to reawaken my love for nature this month.

Writing poetry outside is an amazing way to connect with the earth. Find a spot you love: it can be under a tree, by a creek, even on top of a big rock, warmed by the sun. You can write a poem in a meadow, or in your backyard, if you have one. Write about your surroundings. Be silent and notice what’s going on around you. Remember, you too are part of nature. And there is much more to nature than meets the eye!

Pressing flowers is a very pleasurable way to learn about plants. Preserving them for later, you will be able to enjoy their beauty in the colder months of the year. Try drawing the flowers you harvested.

Laying in a meadow is most therapeutic. Listen to the insects buzzing around you. Notice the grass swaying, the birds singing. Feel at one with the earth and relax into it. Leave your phone at home so as not to be disturbed – or to be the one doing the disturbing. If possible, do this activity alone, so the introspection is complete.

Stargazing is a stupendous way of getting you outdoors at night, which is a completely different experience than being in nature during the day. Most people hardly ever look up at the sky. Day or night. It’s time to feel gratitude for the sky. For its warm magical light, for the sun and the moon. And, of course, the stars. Take a moment to think about the earth and the sky. And how, maybe, everything we believed to be a fact may not be completely true. Feel your bare feet on the ground, sensing appreciation for this beautiful place we call home.

When you take the initiative to get outside, be ready for all weather conditions. Sun, wind, snow and rain.

Reading outdoors is a simple, yet effective way of connecting to nature. Particularly if you are reading about nature. Again, find a place where you feel comfortable, creating a relationship with the spot where you like to sit.

Hiking is an absolutely perfect way to get you in the wild. Notice landmarks such as unusually shaped trees, big rocks or hills. If you are hiking with other people, make sure to have quiet time. When you do speak, make sure to talk about your surroundings, instead of unrelated things.

Gardening not only helps you get in touch with nature (quite literally, since you’re digging in the ground). It creates future food for you & your family. It makes you just a little more self reliant. When your garden is verdant in summer and fall, all the bending and weeding will be worth it.

Standing in the rain is by far the wettest of these activities. Feel the raindrops falling on the ground and on you. Be grateful for water! For it is all around you and inside of you. It feeds the earth, and it nourishes you. Say a silent thank you for rain. Smell petrichor in the air.

Now it’s your turn to get outside!

In what way will you reawaken your love for nature first?

Csermely Szilvia

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