A Day Without The Internet

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A day without the internet? No Instagram, no email, no Facebook, TikTok or Whatsapp… What could be worse?!

Yet, when you actually set your mind to it and turn off all devices in your house for an entire day, you’ll find it isn’t so terrible after all.

I will be explaining, from my own recent experience, what it’s like to disconnect from the grid for 24 hours. I’ll get into breaking habits and touch on how to get your kids to take a day off the internet. Whether they want to or not. It’ll be fun, I promise. Maybe not for you, but it will be for them if you do it right.

Breaking Habits

I’ll be the first to admit that it can be really hard to break habits. Especially if they are of the guilty snack kind. Or the negative thought type, or the spending too much useless time on the internet kind of thing.

It can be challenging to get over new habits and old ones, yet it will be worth your while when you are free of harmful patterns that might be making your life rigid, and therefore unhealthy in the long run.

The following scenario is how many people spend their day. Notice how our lives are centered around phones and other handheld devices.

But first, ask yourself before reading any further – What would my hands be doing if they weren’t touching technology?

On with the story…

A woman, lets call call her Connie, wakes up, reaches for her phone at her bedside table and proceeds to check her socials. “Only 5 likes on my post I put on Instagram yesterday” she thinks, slightly disappointed. Connie gets out of bed and prepares for the day, already dismayed from the get-go.

While she brushes her teeth, her phone propped up by the mirror, she watches a TikTok react video by her favorite YouTuber. Connie brews herself a cup of coffee and makes breakfast. She sits down at her island in the kitchen, and, while eating, she checks her email. She finds an email from her boss her inbox. It isn’t particularly bad, but asks her to do a ton of work over the weekend. Connie now gets to work on her computer.

When she is done – brain dead, grumpy and exhausted, Connie prepares dinner which she eats in front of the TV. After this, she gets ready for bed, reading a book for a bit in her favorite armchair. Finally, Connie flops down on her bed, rather disgruntled. She watches a few videos and reads the news, then, at last, falls asleep.

Don’t make this your life. There are better opportunities waiting for you outside the screen.

But what if your job is tech-based? What if you work from home, or in an office, where computer screens capture your attention hour after hour?

Here’s the deal. Having an online job is great and it can give you a lot of freedom, especially if you work for yourself. But you’ll get more out of life – and your career – when you make sure to take plenty of time off for a little digital detoxing. Even if you do it on your days off. And that’s exactly when you should.

Obviously it’s easier said then done!

With our incomes and entertainment on the line, minimizing your time online is a wonderful way to get started on your journey back to a life closer to nature.

Spending less time online means it’s time for better online habits. For example, you can start by breaking the habit of checking your email early in the morning or late at night.

Also make sure to avoid checking how many likes you got on a post. It can wait until after breakfast.

Break the habit of touching your devices between chores and other activities. Break the habit of writing notes and reminders to yourself on your phone. Instead, you could keep a notebook with you to write down anything that comes to mind during the day.

The benefits of a day without a ping.

Though taking a day off of the internet may sound daunting, think about this – you probably grew up with very few minutes spend by a computer screen. You might have watched the television for a little bit, but chances are you spent most of your day doing other things.

However, in these modern times, it’s worth taking the plunge and unplugging every once in awhile.

As with eating, it’s much less difficult to have a day without the internet by choice instead of necessity, like in a storm without power. But it is probably a good idea to practice for the times when we’ll have to go multiple days or longer without the internet at our disposal. Not because you are forced to, but because you want to.

Along with not being interrupted in your day every so often by a notification, digital detoxing will also play a huge roll in alleviating stress levels in your body. It gives you a chance to focus on other things like spending time with the people and animals you love. Or, if you choose, alone, in a space where you get to think, act and dream for yourself.

24 hours without your phone will give you time you didn’t know you had to focus on projects like writing a story, creating art, getting outside or just laying down and taking a well-deserved nap!

You’ll experience that you are more relaxed, less irritable and more apt to notice the small things that make life worth living. Get down to painting your shed, planting flowers in a flower garden or reading a good book (the kind made with paper that makes a sound when you turn the page & also have a wonderful smell).

Without the internet, it will be effortless to focus on one thing at a time.

My Day Without The Internet

In the morning, it felt strange not to plug in the internet. We unplug everything in our house at night. However, by late morning I realized that I didn’t miss it much at all… Which, even for me, as a person who has gone a day without technology, was a surprise. I took the time I usually spent on my laptop to read a book.

Not having the internet made me notice how much noise it makes – music, videos, sticky keys, etc.

Later, we went for a short walk, enjoying the view of the nearly melted snow on the mountain. Flowers were blooming everywhere, clouds floating by in the sky. Just noticing what we so often don’t even notice.

No calls, no texts, no emails and yet, I was fine!

Not that I like talking on the phone. That, to the kids my age, is pretty strange, as they spend most of their day doing just that. How old am I, you ask? Let me just say that I’m not your average 13-year-old.

Early in the afternoon, we did a little garden cleanup by the creek. But if it’s rainy or cold on the day you digital detox, don’t force spending too much time outside. It’s fine to have a day without the internet indoors, too.

After a dip in the creek at the end of our property, I proceeded to sit in the sun. Taking pleasure in how simple life used to be before the internet. Getting an early tan so people ask where I went for the weekend. Really, what could be better then that?

Think of a day offline as an experiment.

If you are not familiar with the feeling from when you were a child, now’s a great time to try it out. It is very simple. All you need to do is unplug.

As the day drew to a close, we had tortillas with homemade salsa. It was interesting to find that we laughed a ton without the internet on. I was reminded to the fact that real life experiences, are much more meaningful then watching videos. However, I am not discrediting the knowledge we can obtain from the internet, or the people we can meet online. And, yes, the funny dog videos that make the world a better place. I’m not saying that we don’t need the internet, because we most certainly do.

It’s just good to take a break sometimes.

Later that same digital detox evening I wrote this article on paper. That, alone, is mind blowing to most of my age peers. If they can, they type. Some of them have trouble with writing by hand, let alone cursive.

Taking a day off of the internet is a lesson. A lesson to appreciate the little things. A lesson to let go of our attachment to our devices for a little while. And it’s a reminder to focus on yourself, your own life and your future.

A day without the internet is a perfect reminder to slow down.

How To Help Your Kids Digital Detox

At first, your kids probably won’t be enthralled by the idea of no tech for a day. The first time you do it, it may be hard. After a few times, it will get easier to digital detox with you kids. Lead by example and make it fun! Bake a pizza! Play games! Just make it fun and the day will be over before you know it.

Show them that a day without the internet doesn’t have to be dull. The key to digital detoxing with kids is to make the day interactive and enjoyable. Read more on this topic here.

Things To Do When Not Online

Now, it may sound really basic to ask what to do when you’re not on the internet. But some people out there need a little help to find things to do on their first digital detox.

  1. read a book. I recommend fiction or something light and fun. Read something that you like.
  2. do something outside. Get creative. Have a picnic or a cookout. A campfire is always a great choice in summer or fall. Write poetry. Build a fort with anything you have in your yard. Get some garden work done. Go to the park or take a hike in nature.
  3. create. Draw, paint, write, or whatever you love to do. This is a perfect time to get back to an old project or start a new one.
  4. meditate. You have no need for a guided meditation. Close your eyes. Go inside. Feel what you are going through in life and how it’s affecting you. Tell yourself you are doing wonderfully. Breathe. Open you eyes.

Now It’s Your Turn

So… who knows, maybe tomorrow you are going to enjoy your first day without the internet. Try it once and you’ll find yourself doing it over and over again. You don’t have anything to lose. If Connie can do it, so can you!

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