Here we are – the family behind ForestCreekMeadows

There are many roles at play in nature, and we all have to take our part in due time. Here and now is our chance to take the stage and help create a better future for us all!

We know that it takes action to change, it takes courage to say no to conventional ways and it takes limiting our consumption to become more mindful about how we choose to live.

We all start our lives as innocent beings – we trust the caring people around us and embrace benevolence.

Yet, somewhere down the line, bad habits and ill-intention have a way of trickling into our lives, via television, news, social media; at the same time we are expected to conform to the rules of society.

As we distance ourselves from nature, we have a tendency to become distracted by the lives of celebrities, just as we use our thumbs to scroll more than we use them to create.

It is easy to fall into a consumer mindset when your time, your energy, your health and your passion is limited.

And we are here to help you change that!

If you seek more time on Earth, you must learn to say “no” to many things that prevent you from living a fulfilling life, and you must get organized – in your home and in your mind. Be clear on what you want, then allocate the time for what inspires you.

If you desire more bountiful energy, you must learn to disconnect from your device(s) and reconnect with the soil – planting your bare feet into sand, grass, moss and garden dirt.

If you yearn to gain a level of health that you have never known, chances are good that you may have to change your diet. Give up sugar, remove gluten (or all grains!), switch to A2 dairy… In exchange you can forage for dandelion greens, chickweed, nettle, spruce tips to add essential nutrients back into your life.

If you have gotten lost on your way to finding your passion, perhaps it is (and has been) covered by a veil of streaming social media. Take breaks from the screen to rediscover that there is so much more to life! Focus on relationships, invest in your personal well-being and your passion in life may just find you.

Always remember, that while it may be difficult to predict the future, we can help to change the course of it and make a positive impact on the environment at the same time.

the family who stands behind sustainability

When we started ForestCreekMeadows in 2018…

You might be wondering how we came to live and love life in Breb, Maramures… and how does esse really unfold in a rural Romanian setting? For starters, the four seasons are well defined here, providing structure for the entire year – at the same time fostering traditions for the locals:

Winter – the landscape is often covered with a blanket of snow or frost, while we sit inside our wooden house, burning locally harvested wood for warmth (and to cook upon) as we envision our future home made of clay.

Spring – is the time when the creek rushes with melted crystals from snowfall higher up the mountain and forest slopes, the first mushrooms and young nettles are emerging as essential minerals and nutrients for our health.

Summer – while others are harvesting hay for their animals as far as the eye can see, our diverse organic garden in combination with our foraging experience will be providing food from underfoot.

Fall – slowing down, taking it all in, hiking in the outskirts of the village, enjoying the late autumn sun and dreaming of winter fun!

Discovering this unique place has been an experience in itself. By the very nature of our being, we (Roland, Cheryl and Csermely) have always been attracted to quiet places where it is possible to think – and to be – without the constraints and expectations of a consumer-driven society. To come across such a calm space in a modern society is like inhaling fresh air for the first time and marveling at what a magic elixir it is. People here are kind beyond words and actions, they are curious, hard-working, yet they are keen to dive into technology if given the chance. While technology can bridge the gap between generations and among nations, it is a tool that must be used wisely.

In our 15+ years of homesteading here and in Hungary, along with two years spent abroad in Scotland and England, we have come to understand that we are truly grateful to be here on Earth – we take pride in owning enough for our comfortable survival, within that, naturalness reigns.

Anything in excess is unnecessary, that is, if we are keeping sustainability in mind. With deepest regards towards the environment, we choose to live simply, so that we may all enjoy a certain quality of life (ocean, freshwater, swamp, land and air creatures included).

We are all in this together – you, us, future generations… The Earth is counting on us for respect and protection, when and where are you ready to start?

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You may notice that there aren’t any ads here on ForestCreekMeadows, and we promise to always keep it that way!

We are treating this as a “journey in progress” and as an honest and transparent business – we are Simplify Life Coaches, we host digital detox gatherings as well as (re)workshops and all contributions from our dedicated supporters go to funding our simple, homesteading life and entrepreneurial spirit.

The more you give, the more you receive!

If you feel that you are in alignment with our environmental ethics, or with us as a family who intentionally lives by these moral values, we graciously and gratefully accept donations of any size – and we thank you in advance for any surprise amount!

As we are, outside our wooden home in Breb, on January 2024.