Accommodation in Breb Romania

Breb is a magical village with plenty of charm and we aren’t just talking about the haystacks here. No matter where you stay, you will be welcomed with an open heart!

While we cannot provide accommodation for workshop participants ourselves, we have a wonderful selection of friends and neighbors who can.


Babou Maramureș is both a campsite and hostel run by Bram and Ema, a Dutch-Romanian couple who are tying the knot in June of 2024. Upstairs there are 4 single beds and on the ground floor is a common kitchen where you can cook for yourself. International and in-country guests are always coming and going, so you’ll always have someone to chat with.

You’ll be pleased to know that it’s less than a minute walk to the cafe next door.

Breb 148 – accommodation in a traditional wooden home

Breb 148 is more than a place to grab your morning coffee with the birds, it’s also a place to sleep the night away. Radu and Irina have two beautiful wooden homes to choose from for your stay in Breb. They speak English and Romanian, so you can start up a conversation with ease.

Casa din vale

Florin and Roxana, the owners of Casa din vale can be found many places online, contacting them will be easy in either English or Romanian.

At the time of writing they have 7 wooden homes to choose from, should you need to rest your head for the night. Often they have events that bring locals and guests together on summer weekends and major holidays. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram to find out more.

* The three accommodations we’ve highlighted are not more than 20 minutes walking distance from our home.

More places to stay in Breb

There are plenty more options to spend the night in the village. We suggest you start your search on, putting in your travel dates and number of guests for Breb. From there you’ll be able to choose a single room over an entire house, something more centrally located, or rather on the edge.

There’s something for everyone here in Breb, come and experience it for yourself!

Eating and Dining in Breb

As far as shopping for yourself, there are a few small, family-run convenience stores in the village that cater to very basic needs (chips, cookies, fresh fruit and vegetables, drinks, etc.), however you can arrange for and dine with locals to enjoy traditional foods complete with wine and horincă (the local name for brandy). Ask your hosts about the latter option.

*Please note: there is no ATM in Breb. Please bring enough cash for your stay in the village. The closest ATM is in Ocna Șugatag (Aknasugatag) about 8 kilometers away. To the best of our knowledge the only places that accept cards are Breb 148 – Local Food & Garden and Casa lu’ Dochia.

Breb 148 – Local Food & Garden

Breb 148 is the outdoor cafe that you don’t want to miss, even if it’s a bit tricky to get to, especially by car.

Sip a cappuccino as you sit under the sun, or in the shade, nibbling on a piece of honey cake (prăjitură albinuța). You might find your way there for lunch or dinner… perhaps even for a relaxing evening with a cold beer and a traditional fried bread with local cheese and herbs.

You can find Irina on Instagram, or go for it and book a few nights stay on

Casa lu’ Dochia

If you are seeking traditional Romanian fare, and prefer to sit indoors after a long day outside, Casa lu’ Dochia is “the” restaurant in the village. Getting there is easy, choosing something from the menu is a delicious feat.

Remember to book early to get the rooms (or wooden home!) you wish to stay in – the best ones go quickly. In summer the village may get busy, but never overcrowded.

Hope to see you wandering the streets and paths of the village soon! You do know how to get to Breb, right?!