Accommodation in Breb Romania

Where to stay in Breb, Romania and surroundings

Breb is a magical village with plenty of charm, and no matter where you stay, you will be welcomed with an open heart!

While we cannot provide accommodation for workshop or event participants ourselves, we have a wonderful selection of friends and neighbors who can! Besides, we should like to leave the fun and level of comfort for you to choose – everything from fishing and glamping, a hostel with camping, through a self-catering wooden home, to a traditional hotel room – Breb and its surroundings surely has a cozy shelter for you to unwind and relax in at the end of each day.

Hotelul de Bumbac – a glamping and fishing resort, the first one of its kind in Romania, nestled in an idyllic landscape with wide-open scenic views of surrounding mountain ridges and the iconic Rooster’s Crest. Located in Hoteni, Ocna Șugatag – find them on Facebook for details.

Babou Maramureș – a beautiful campsite and hostel surrounded by peace and quiet on the edge of the village. Prices for camping range from 25 RON adult/night to 50 RON per person/night in the hostel.

The Village Hotel – these carefully reconstructed wooden homes are centrally located, and they are the perfect place to be, if you want the freedom of cooking for yourself, as every home has its own fully equipped kitchen. Breakfast ingredients (cheese, eggs, vegetables, fruit, yogurt and more) are provided in the nightly fee. If you are coming to the workshop with friends, you can share the cost of renting your own home for a few days, even a week! Prices range from €30-60 per night, depending on whether you rent a single room, or an entire home.

Pensiunea Maramu – the first place we ever stayed at in Breb was here, the hosts are incredibly kind, the rooms are a mix of modern and rural flair, with home cooked meals offered by the lady of the house, in traditional Romanian style. Prices average around 140 RON per night.

Pensiunea Mărioara – A very hospitable, neatly kept pension, the first one to open in the village over a decade ago. Rooms vary in atmosphere from wooden home, characteristic to the region, to those having contemporary features. Prices range from 60 – 80 RON per person/night, and when you stay here, you also have the opportunity to order a tasty breakfast and/or dinner.

Pensiunea Lucia – Full board, including bed, breakfast and dinner, is 100 RON per person/night. Hosts are exceptionally kind-hearted here, Lucia also being a much-appreciated cook in Breb.

As for meals, there are a few small convenience stores in the village that cater to very basic needs (frozen meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, drinks, etc.), however you can always dine with locals and receive traditional foods complete with wine and horincă (the local name for brandy). Further afield are three restaurants that offer traditional Romanian cuisine, including rainbow trout specialties – car is however necessary to get to them.

A couple of all-new dining and drinking venue options in Breb, started in 2019, that we can highly recommend, are Breb 148 – Local Food & Garden, a semi-outdoor eatery and café, and an outdoor Wine Bar, located on the grounds of Casa din Vale. Both of these are very close to Babou Camping.

Remember to book early to get the rooms (or homes!) you wish to stay in – the best ones go quickly – in summer, the village will be busy with tourists from all over the world!

Please note that prices are from 2018.

Getting to Breb, Romania

We highly encourage you to travel with the locals in Romania, by taking a combination of trains and buses, as they are both affordable and reliable methods of public transportation.

If you are flying into the country, the closet airport is located in Cluj-Napoca. From there you can rent a car if you choose, and navigate your way, by map, to Breb.

If you want to leave the driving to others, from Cluj you can take either a train or bus to Baia Mare. Trains run just a few times a day, sometimes making it necessary for an overnight stay in Baia Mare. Buses run about 10 times per day, most of them getting you into Baia Mare before the last bus headed to Breb leaves for the evening at 5 pm.

And from Baia Mare, you must take a bus which passes through Cavnic and ends up in Sighetu Marmației. Breb is not an official stop, but all you have to do is ask and the driver will let you off at the top of the road (Breb is about an hour from the city and comes immediately after the village of Budești). From there it is a 15-minute walk downhill into the center of the village. Currently, a seat on this bus route costs 11 RON per person.