as mermaids weep

shimmering seas, breathtaking waves
            the sensuous ebb
         and flow
alluring signals for the blind, the ignorant

our senses fail us under water
below the surface
it’s getting dirty down here
we listen, though we cannot hear, we choose to swim away
the mermaids weep

tears are falling, sobbing, whimpers
searching for a way to declutter
organizing is of zero use, joy is not sparked here
unwanted gifts are floating in
crashing with every synthetically colored wave
microplastics glitter the seas, awful decorations drift on by
as the mermaids weep

nurdles have turned against us
as we will turn against you
try feeding plastic bottles to your children
perhaps they would like to be infertile too?
single-use plastics
it’s your turn to weep,
mermaid tears

Written and recorded by Cheryl Magyar

Inspired by recent events: Microplastic pollution ‘absolutely everywhere’ by new research – The Guardian

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