Why We Choose to Live a Simple Life

A slow life lived well, is one way to experience a beautiful existence here on Earth. It’s not the only way to live a good life, but it’s our way. One that we can’t seem to shake ever since we…

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Earth Friday Bundle

There’s nothing Black about today, or any other salesy day. It’s not very cyber-y in our neck of the woods either, not even on a Monday. This Friday, after giving thanks around the dinner table for all the family, friends,…

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Earth Gratitude Journal on Patreon

Creators often run into the “problem” of how to get their creative ideas out into the world, beyond the four walls they are often manifested behind. Sometimes the difficulty arises from a technical issue, a platform problem or fear of…

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The Importance of Daily Gratitude

Think fast. What are the first 5 things that you are instantly grateful for today? Your family, your health, your wealth, food on the table and a roof over your head. If your thoughts were somewhere along those lines, you’d…

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