as winged life is populating the air
under a sun with gentle blaze
on scalp freshly exposed to new beginnings
tension is being broken
by an energy surge that leaps into green
and ever greener
fresh local oxygen pumped into the air
yet tension lives on
tufts of hair willful offerings touch ground
where a homestead is budding in three souls at once
but other minds are looking too
they size to seize a share
and a bumpy road might not be an obstacle
tufts are tough they are us
and we are determined
to stay and grow
like the garden is we’ve just inseminated with care and love
care we extended to a humiliated fox too
lying dead on a trainer shoe
next to a plastic brandy flask and a spray can
with a bug in its ear
that sensitive souls might still reclaim
some of the dignity lost
and we did
now it’s the creek’s turn to wash the disgrace off
just like we rinse our voice boxes
our throat chakras
with good red wine
to our health
and a bright future
and so it shall be
carved by woodpecker in walnut tree

Written and recorded by Roland Magyar

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