A Day Without The Internet

A day without the internet? No Instagram, no email, no Facebook, TikTok or Whatsapp… What could be worse?! Yet, when you actually set your mind to it and turn off all devices in your house for an entire day, you’ll…

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Digital Detox for Kids and Teens

Does digital detoxing sound boring, uneventful and most importantly, unentertaining? The truth is, it’s not! Maybe you’re just afraid to let go… How much time do you, dear parent, spend browsing social media every day? And how many hours do…

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Digital Detox Mornings

If the last thing you do before you fall asleep is look at your phone for one last time, know that this simple act is making a lasting impression on your health. And it is not a good one… Yet,…

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Rediscovering Life Beyond the Screen

Do you remember that exact moment from your childhood – sploshing in through the back door, sopping wet and dripping all over the floor after enjoying a series of muddy puddles, with an enormous smile on your face?  Do you…

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