Cheryl the meadow

Quiet and sensitive, fragile in certain moments, yet resilient in a storm.

An introvert with a strong calling to be in nature, among plants and animals, far away from the city and the noise that distracts from moments of calm and creative thought.

Cheryl is the gardener, the nurturer of seeds. And as her ideas grow, so does the lushness of the land around her.

Animals come close and closer still – as a grey heron stands outside the kitchen door, a snake slithers into the room and ants invite themselves in for a party. We are all connected, we come and go, here and there… One thing we always take with us, is the memory of the places we have become.

a meadow is much more than the sum of grass blades
scythed by hand
to make hay

it is an entire ecosystem
teeming with insects
who scurry under benevolent leaves for protection

it is healing herbs
and deep rooted minerals
that are ours – to hold and to drink – for survival in a nutrient depleted world

in summer a meadow gives life
it fades into silent slumber
and always provides a sense of home

salubrious is she

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As part of our be the #sustainablechange poetry series, Cheryl contributes the following poems inspired by the environment:

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