Csermely the creek

A born free spirit, whose shuttle arrived late, but no questions asked, no reasons given, we have loved her boundlessly from the day she honored our intimate relationship with the title of family.

She is an all-round artist, be it beaux-art or performing art. With all the potential and our support to become a great, multi-talented artisan homesteader as well (she dips awesome beeswax candles already and enjoys preparing salads anew), we talk a lot about morality, we conflict values of modernity and agelessness, all the while instilling in her a love and appreciation for nature, whatever size and shape it may present itself.

Her heart is set on collecting chicken and duck eggs in the mornings soon, milking goats and cows a bit later and riding the back of her very own horse further down the line.

She listens to serious audio books, loves being red to by us, while she concentrates more on writing her beautiful English, Hungarian and Romanian letters in print and cursive. Although she understands that literacy, despite its benefits in modern life, is not a superior trait to achieving happiness and contentment in life.

Proud life learner she is.

She flows through life, taking it with her, influencing all those who stand by the shore.

As part of our be the #sustainablechange poetry series, Csermely contributes the following poems:

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