Design Your Sustainable Life

At this point in the history of our lives, we have no other choice than to live sustainably. Climate change, plastic pollution, contaminated water, under-nourishing food, urban sprawl,… are all happening because we want too much, too fast. In order to live at a pace that is compatible with nature’s, we have to slow down – and we have to slow down now, before it is too late. See, the faster we go, the harder we fall. We learn this lesson as children, yet somehow we become blindsided by the sheer lure of taking things in at a near-epileptic speed as we grow over-confident in living our consumer lifestyle. When comfort and convenience take precedence, we forget that we are all in this together, and when we take too much we are not only taking it away from future generations, we are taking it away from all the other creatures on this planet who need exactly what we need – clean air, fresh water and a safe place to live.

We started slowing down more than a decade ago, when we made an intentional move from the States to our organic farmstead in Hungary. It was there, that we became conscious of how every purchase we make impacts the Earth in one place or another. With the birth of our daughter we started walking barefoot together, deepening our relationship with the land. It forced us to open our eyes as we cleaned up decades worth of garbage from the former landowners – and yet, we worked several weeks and paid thousands to dispose of it properly! To respect the land is to respect yourself. Even though we are facing a climate crisis, please know that there are things we can do to mitigate the damage that we, and countless other fellow humans, have done.

A sustainable life is yours for the taking – are you ready to live lighter on the Earth than you have ever done before?

Design your sustainable life! How it works –

Design Your Sustainable Life e-course is a 4-week journey into living simply and lighter on this Earth, our common home.

Every week you will receive one audio file, narrated by either Cheryl or Roland, covering the week’s topic – Csermely may join in with her sustainable thoughts from time to time, inspiring more children to live sustainably. You will also receive journal prompts along with exercises to grow your sustainable awareness/expertise. Each lesson builds upon the other, please allow 30 minutes each week to dive deep into sustainable thoughts and practices – start forming a whole new mindset, nature’s mentality.

Week 1 – The deeper meaning of living sustainably – connecting with nature and embracing the abundance of a life lived simply and well.

Week 2 – Practical steps to achieve a sustainable life – discovering ecological minimalism, uncluttering your home and life, going plastic-free.

Week 3 – Develop your eco-mindset for sustainable fulfillment – create lasting changes to enhance your life and inspire others to do the same.

Week 4 – Redefine your relationship with technology – find out what a digital detox has to do with carbon emissions, getting outside and developing new skills

Benefits of designing your sustainable life

| Nurture your eco-conscious soul
| Tap into your intuition to communicate with the Earth
| Be present in the moment
| Learn to reconnect with nature
| Start growing roots
| Listen and discover calm, quietude
| Support the formation of meaningful relationships
| Create a home-centered life

Design Your Sustainable Life e-course starts May 4, 2019

Duration: 4 weeks
Cost: €89
Early bird discount: €49 if paid in full before midnight March 31

This e-course will not be available again until September 28, 2019.

Designing a sustainable life takes a mix of philosophy, mindset and action to make lasting changes happen.

We are here for you, when you are ready to take part in designing your own sustainable life!

Questions & Answers

What do I need for this e-course? You’ll need an email account, so we can send your weekly lessons, you will also need the ability to listen to an audio file – headphones are not essential. Of course, pen(cil) and paper to take notes, and your favorite journal to write about your sustainable journey.

How much time do I need to allot for this course every week? We recommend 30 minutes for each lesson, though you do not need to do it all in one sitting. If you pour your heart out into your journal, it may take some additional time, but on average allow for 2 hours for the entire course – a small time elapse for great leaps.

What day of the week will I receive the lessons? We will send out the lessons on Saturdays, hopefully giving you time to get outside – and offline – after each audio, to reflect on your newly emerging sustainable life.

Who is this e-course for? Design Your Sustainable Life is for beginners taking their first determined steps, just as it is for those more advanced on their sustainable journey. If you are in need of more inspiration, or are overwhelmed/stuck on what to do next in your ecological pursuits, this course is for you!

Will there be a bonus? Yes! After you have completed the course, we will send an eco-guided mindfulness meditation your way, to help you reconnect with the Earth and ground yourself daily.

How can I contact ForestCreekMeadows? You can contact us, Cheryl and Roland, at We sometimes take a spontaneous digital detox day, so if you don’t hear from us straightaway, know that we have all electronics shut off and will return very soon!