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My wife came up to me this morning – following some contemplative self-care minutes yesterday evening – and introduced a very welcome “a-ha!” realization of hers – which effectively means: ours.

In this still young new year (it’s the beginning of April and we had some snow flurries today), we have planned out a series of digital detox workshops for the summer with set dates and the number of participants capped between 10 and 25 people, depending on the workshop.

We created promotional images, put together this list called Essentials needed for workshops, with all the stuff on it surely costing a “pretty penny” as Csermely would say. Things we would inevitably have acquired in much inferior quality than the standard we wish to carry on with into our future home, to be built some day right around here. So, these wouldn’t have been keepsakes and therefore it is best to not even collect them in the first place, from an eco-minimalists perspective anyway.

In other words, despite our vigilance, we followed a way of thinking that had been, in turn, passed down to us, ingrained in our minds epigenetically. And there we fell in its trap again…

This series of workshops (now reconsidered, retailored to respect our personality needs and overall more faithfully mirror our environmental ethics and life principles), when advertised and completed “successfully”, it would have effectively exhausted us in a physical, mental, emotional sense alike and would have strained our budget too, at times when we are focused on the intention of buying the homestead.

It would have stressed us – by our (in)voluntary invitation – and could have possibly skewed how we perceive ourselves and the way others respect or form doubts about us as a family committed to sustainability.

Now, in one short sitting, Cheryl awoke to this potential slip and quickly came to rescue with an awesome alternative suggestion. After a couple of minutes of listening only, I knew that, yes, this new route is the way to go about promoting the kind of sustainable living we swear by.

Overall, Cheryl and I (so, this does not pertain to Csermely) are more introverts than extroverts. All we have experienced in ecological living across more than a decade now, happened in the thought-fertile intimacy of our family’s circle, in the protective atmosphere of a since-then-sold homestead or a so-called home more recently. Anyhow, we had eventually started sharing our findings, feelings in real time but from the comfort of remote, online communication.

All of a sudden opening up to a smaller crowd, would have represented a great deal of pressure on our part as hosts, undoubtedly to the expense of the workshops as a whole.

We share now this thought and emotional process with you to see that we are real people like you, no demi-gods who follow some infallible divine script in life. Oh, no! We have fallen a lot and picked ourselves up again, the same many times. But the point remains, as we often state it ourselves: things and ways we dream of do not exist yet, it’s up to us (and you, of course) to bring those about, to incarnate them – now, rather than later.

That being said, we take off not only the “workshops” phrase from our thinking and the related page here on ForestCreekMeadows, replacing it with the much better suiting, personable and clear “Digital Detox With Us”, but we are furthermore cutting out the Eco Tours page, incorporating the hikes among the digital detox activities as on-demand foraging walks.

All these changes are purely to streamline our personalized efforts and to better serve all that come to visit and learn from us.

Personalized, I say, because from now on our “Digital Detox With Us” service is going to be available for 1 to 4 adults and their accompanying children (if there are). We take a maximum of 4 adults only when they are a single party traveling together. Generally speaking, we would like to share our intuitive wisdom with a couple, an individual or a family with one or two children.

This way we can assure that your curiosity gets satisfied, if not fully satiated, in the form of an immersion crash course in sustainable living, at the same time entirely screen-free.

We wish to emphasize that our take on sustainable living, the one we whole-heartedly believe in, is the one taking place far from a city or even suburbia, and at an edge location, benignly permeating the wild and allowing the wild to do the same to us. Because feral is very considerate, you know. It is our turn to learn how to live being considerate of an animate Earth.

In the instance of bigger issues emerging unexpectedly from your subconscious into your awareness, that we could not fully address in Breb, during our perhaps slightly overwhelming crash-course, we are still available for you remotely. We extend our expert mentorship as sustainable life designers via the means of virtual assistance spread out over a minimum of three months. From the comfort, or discomfort, of your current home and life circumstances we can gently expediate you into the future you wish and deserve to live in: where remorse in an ecological morality sense no longer exists and you live a fulfilling life absorbed by the present.

This is a smaller saga, if you will, in which one continuously adapts and readapts to the urges or drives of an ever-evolving consciousness; and we are looking at rising, because it is a one-way ascending path. It’s a path where each new step is justified by the cohesion of all previous steps, which, of course, is much greater than their sum.

We have walked this talk of intuitive existence for a decade and a half now and are so eager to be the catalysts for your wayfinding in this ascent. The three of us can propel you ahead by taking the why out of the forefront and placing the focus on the how – given that you are absolutely dedicated to this climb which never ends. Where the joy is not a hypothetic final destination, but the reality of the journey itself.

When do you wish to join us? Check out our availability, prices, conditions and we hope to see you soon!

Roland Magyar

Passionate rewilder, who lives outside of the world of compromises.

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