Digital Detox With Us

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Digital Detox for Eco-Conscious Families

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the demands of too much screen time, or frustrated by being the one to limit it day and night?

Do you long to spend relaxing time in nature ~ with your kids ~ having fun, hiking in the hills, learning about trees, dipping beeswax candles and sitting around the campfire with like-minded people, in the absence of technology?

It is time for a digital detox!!

Take your eyes off the screen –  and ditch the smart phone, the tablet and computer this summer!

Reconnect with each other, and the Earth, instead. At the same time, immerse yourselves in nature, explore what self-reliance means, cook over a wood fire and experience what it is like to live without running water. Call it a crash course in homesteading, or just stepping back in time for the sake of our common future, but do come and live life without modern digital distractions – and go home with a sense of freedom, knowing how to shut off technology every time you need a break.

What’s included in this Digital Detox experience with us in rural Romania?

Each day we will cook and eat together a delicious lunch that is inspired by the landscape in which we live. Always gluten-free and dairy-free, Paleo in approach with local ingredients. Foraging for wild plants is required, so come with an open mind and hunger in your belly! (Breakfast and dinner are self-catering, though you can dine with locals should you request a traditional meal.)

Activities we can do together:

  • Horse-pulled cart ride around the village
  • Tree identification
  • Learn to forage for common (edible) plants
  • Dip beeswax candles
  • Play with clay in the creek
  • Make jam from local fruits
  • Walk barefoot and get grounded
  • Farm visit (may be hay making, milking, beekeeping – time and weather permitting)

We’ll also give you a special journal to document your time spent in nature. Write poems, sketch plants or animals, jot down your thoughts about life without a computer. Trust us, you will have plenty to think about as you listen to the village life that surrounds you.

We would love you to join us in the Romanian countryside for all of the above and so much more!!

We planned this family digital detox for children aged 5 – 12, so that they can partake in all of the activities and get the most out of them.

Price of the Family Digital Detox Workshop With Us is €300/day for 2 adults and 1 or 2 children.

Accommodation and travel to and from Breb are not included in the price, but there are plenty of ways to reach us by public transportation or rental car.

Find a list of local accommodations in Breb, Romania that we highly recommend, each for their own unique features – and hurry up, because Breb is a tourist destination and spots fill up quickly in the peak of summer!


digital detox experience in Romania

Digital Detox for Natural Living Enthusiasts

Are you one of those devoted, curious, environmentally literate adults who seeks practical yet artful solutions for the everyday life in a rural setting?

In other words, have you decided to live in the countryside and – regardless of your background – have a good grasp of what it takes to have a fulfilling life with nature in heart and self-reliance in mind?

You, like us (Cheryl, Roland and our nearly-eight-year-old mature daughter, Csermely), are equally convinced how urgent it is for our spiritual, mental and emotional sanity that, following the necessary paradigm shift, we take matters in our creative, productive hands and implement the change we desire to see in our lives.

What’s included in your Digital Detox experience with us in rural Romania?

Food first – we’ll commonly prepare and consume a gluten-free lunch at our house and yard, or we’ll take a picnic on outings into the verdant landscape surrounding our home village, Breb.

Further activities and conversations include:

In a large part of the world, homesteading revolves around the art of wood-burning with all aspects it entails, from responsible woodland management through tailoring fire intensity exactly to your needs, to merging your playful soul with that of the fire. We’ll explore this hands- and heads-on, feeding our creativity and bellies alike in the process… (hike to the “woodlands”, cross-sawing in pairs, splitting, lighting a fire in the stove, tool and stove maintenance, cooking on wood-burning stove, candle dipping)

Symbiontic food provision – growing food in symbiosis with the wild nature of the locale. Doing so slowly, extensively, soul- and artfully. We’ll look at the nutrients and explore flavor, not size and shape. Activating, preserving food via fermentation, canning and dehydration.

Foraging for what you know: wild plants for food, spices and herbs, mushrooms, clay. Good for what and prepared in what ways?

During our digital detox, we will also address topics such as:

Land reconnaissance – intuitively find the right place for you to live: geography, climate, soils, waterways, cleanliness, biodiversity, social aspects, potentials for growth, dowsing, protective measures for an intimate living on the land.

Self-reliance – the predicament of a life gravitating around home, family values, personal freedom rights, self-reliant healthcare, life education, fostering self-expression for every family member, time together, time alone, associations with and dissociations from the greater society: finding balance.

We’ll also give you a journal to document your time spent offline. Write poems, sketch plants or animals, jot down your thoughts about life lived closer to nature…

Accommodation and travel to and from Breb are not included, but there are plenty of ways to reach us by public transportation or rental car.

Find a list of local accommodations in Breb, Romania that we highly recommend, each for their own unique features – and hurry up, because Breb is a tourist destination and spots fill up quickly in the peak of summer!



Family Digital Detox With Us: €300/day 

Single person 1-day Digital Detox: €150

Single person 2-day Digital Detox: €275

Couple (2 people) 1-day Digital Detox: €250

Couple (2 people) 2-day Digital Detox: €475


Please note that Digital Detox days With Us are offered year-round, yet they are limited. We are giving you our 1-on-1 attention when you come to visit, so whether you are an individual, a couple or a small family, know that we are here for you and you alone (we will not double-book, or put groups together)!

Payment by direct bank transfer or PayPal invoice. Please email us with your requested dates and we will arrange the time for our digital detox together.

50% non-refundable down-payment is due upon sign-up to secure your spot.
The remainder is due on site when we meet. This latter half is refundable, in case you cannot make it, no questions asked.


Why should you trust our call for a mind-body-soul rejuvenation?

Because what we have come to feel and – consequentially – intimately know, has been based on first-hand experiences and collective synergistic impulses including a decade and a half of living simply.

As an outcome of this intense search, ongoing even as these words are being written, and surely carried on until death do us part, because there’s simply no way back, no place to return to, we have become more and more intuitive people. This assumes a certain degree of calm, discernment and a whole suite of attributes one is hard-pressed to acquire in the cacophonous contemporary urban-suburban setting full of societal expectations.

We couldn’t have achieved a high level of independence in our thinking and aspirations, couldn’t have come to experience a gradual, but thorough paradigm shift, had we not physically and spiritually distantiated ourselves from the mainstream and its status quo. It took for us – and almost certainly would take for anyone eager to blaze his or her own trail – an estrangement from the conventional living environment as we know it, questioning most of society’s implicit, culture- rather than nature-driven inclinations, presumed or real pressures.

We started questioning early on, and especially with the arrival of our daughter about eight years ago, and we were forced to give answers to our own questions. As the digital world has taken hold of minds and bodies, we have resisted… and will continue to do so for the sake of all children. When we lead by example, those that care to observe will walk away with a deeper understanding of what it means to live with fewer screens and more trees in their view finder.

Cheryl and Roland, the two of us, have walked the talk all along, always speaking from our hearts’ experience. Now greatly supported by our child, we have grown into a feel-and-do tank of three.

Combined, we have more than 30 years experience in homesteading, gardening, living simply, ecologically and minimally. And we invite you to ask us all that is on your mind while you are here!

We live in a near irresistible terrestrial beauty, here in Maramureș of northern Romania, in mother nature’s generous and glorious lap, that heats the soul of locals and visitors alike. Wavelengths of sustainable living are easier imparted at a place like ours…

Arrive to our place, relax, embrace our calm and learn by example – shadow us for a day or two on the homestead – and leave feeling refreshed and more at one with nature.

We are passionate about helping people to gain the essential skills needed to leave the stress of the city and return to the countryside. It doesn’t matter where you live or what country you come from, everything you see here you will be able to apply to your own life. Slow down. Join us!

Come and listen to the quiet, that helps your intuition erupt once again.


How to contact us:

If you have any questions, please send us an email:

Alternatively, you can reach Cheryl at

And Roland will be found at

You can expect a reply shortly, intermittent digital detoxes permitting.


If you wish to speak ear to ear, you may give us a call at +40 (0)756 319110

Please respect our time zone and plan to call between the hours of 10 am – 6 pm EET.

Our premises are strictly dairy- and gluten-free. Thank you.