As cultural creatives, environmentalists, tree planters, organic gardeners, handcrafters, intuitive deep thinkers and diligent doers, we trust that you have found this page for good reasons:

your goals and aspirations for the environment and for a sustainable future are in alignment with ours.

The future of the planet is at stake as maintained areas are encroaching upon wild spaces, as plastics are sprawling across land and sea, as greenhouse gases are warming our globe to degrees that are harder and harder to take…

We are here to give hope, that our common sustainable future will keep inspiring countless other intuitive thinkers and doers for generations to come.

From spontaneous creek cleanups to carbon offsetting, from preserving and growing our own food to guiding others on foraging walks – we are deeply engaged in living a grounded simple life as we share it openly with others, striving to be the #sustainablechange we wish to see in the world.

If you too, wish to see us succeed in spreading seeds of ecological inspiration, abundance and happiness, know that your support is immensely appreciated!

With a one-time donation, or recurring monthly support, you are spreading your generosity to all beings. As we plant trees and nurture the forest, our eco-consciousness grows even stronger.

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