There are countless causes to stand behind and put your money where your mouth is. Let’s add, quickly, that hopefully your mouth and heart are aligned and in coherence with each other when casting your lifeline.

At ForestCreekMeadows we can hardly think of a better investment than one made in direct benefit of Mother Earth herself.

Why do we say that? For the simple, yet hugely overlooked reason that the Earth is the single host to all other reasons of being. At least in this carnate world that, by the way, allows us to open up to the more- than-three-dimensional experiences.

Financial support (donation) of any amount directed to us, ForestCreekMeadows, is channeled in its entirety towards Mother Earth and her well-being.

Here are the ways funds befall our planet, benefiting all there is:

purchasing land:

The basis of every other act of generosity and gratitude towards nature is securing the sheer grounds for rewilding to occur.

And not only that, but for the land to form a sufficiently large, contiguous unit(s) for the most diverse wildlife to take hold there. To enjoy its habitat in perpetuity, this land has to accumulate under responsible people’s stewardship. Responsible people’s, like ourselves at ForestCreekMeadows, who have a solid bias towards nature’s well-being, outperforming any governmental-type land management standards.

We pledge to be setters of best-practices standards for sustainable land management.

progressive rewilding with no aggressive interference:

Sowing, planting and fostering the take-hold of native Carpathian vegetation, aiming for maximally diverse guilds (associations) of plants, lichens and fungi will, in turn, invite the permanent or migratory settling of a similarly adequate to the land and diverse animal world from single-cell organisms to mega-fauna.

Sensitive land management will be carried out by human hand labor alone. There will be no machines of any size or type. Animal power will provided by horses (as in sustainable timber harvest).

procuring the right genetic material for rewilding:

It takes work for us to step in as propagators, “timewarpers”, where the natural processes of a succession towards the optimal-to-the-land diversity is gently ushered through at a much higher speed than those would occur when left alone.

You can think of this as a dual, forward and backward timewarp at once. Where we mitigate perhaps even thousands of years’ worth of aggressive and steady interference in nature with a conscious leap forward, to where nature would likely be otherwise (had human manipulation towards a continuous decline in biodiversity not happened in the first place).

This work includes collecting, nurturing, guarding, broadcasting seeds, root stock and other propagation material.

We pledge to seek out locally extinct plants, animals or other species and reintroduce them here; two of these are the Eurasian beaver and the European bison.

purchasing, crafting ecological land management tools:

These are exclusively mechanical hand tools and implements that are gentle to the land, air, water and generally all animate beings – which is all there is in nature.

covering the costs of the legal framework:

This includes attorney and notary public fees associated with land acquisition as well as the costs of the legal process of providing a special nature protection status to all of this land. In this way, assuring the same superior well-being for all there is on it, in perpetuity.

We are truly grateful for your kind generosity!

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