Earth Gratitude Journal

There are so many wonderful reasons to keep a gratitude journal.

Among them, taking back the power to praise ourselves for accomplishing the little things in our daily life and in being grateful for things that are yet to come (manifesting our hidden desires).

Yet, most gratitude journals focus on us, our plans, our goals, our achievements and our inner circle/material world.

Our, being the key word here.

What about her/him, us, they, theirs? All life on this planet is essential, down from the very basic single-celled organism to the animals that roam wild and free, all the way up to things we cannot even fathom in the cosmos and the quantum field beyond.

How often do you get the chance to express gratitude for the beautiful Earth we live on, for the outside environment that supports every one of us?

When was the last time you smiled at the moon, gave thanks to the overabundance of stars, or just sat in the forest and bathed under a canopy of swaying trees?

Or better yet, the question to ask is: what stops you from spending more meaningful time in nature?

Is it fear or misunderstanding? Lack of time, space, access to nature, or more than one of the above?

Enter the Earth Gratitude Journal

If you long to spend more time in nature and the greater outdoors, yet find your precious time taken up by technology, let this Earth Gratitude Journal help you to:

  • restore balance
  • reduce stress
  • experience calm
  • find peace
  • and rediscover a love for the Earth

In the process of journaling and writing by hand, you will begin to perceive feelings and emotions that did not exist before.

Such as your appreciation for bees and ants.

Your respect and admiration for the clouds and trees will grow far beyond your current perspective.

At the same time this journal will gear you for living – and loving – a sustainable life!

In each Earth Gratitude Journal

Each themed 10-page issue will contain:

  • journal prompts
  • inspirational and thoughtful quotes
  • poetry
  • simple outdoor activities
  • a look through nature’s screen
  • story starters
  • coloring page
  • nature facts and/or relevant environmental statistics
  • and exercises to promote lasting change

The Earth Gratitude Journal is published once a month and you can join at any time.

Cost of the Earth Gratitude Journal

Payment options are coming soon.

Earth Gratitude Journal FAQ’s

How does it work?

At the beginning of each month a new, downloadable journal will reach you via e-mail.

Print it out, or copy it by hand, filling in all the details with your own unique handwriting (cursive is recommended) throughout the course of a month.

You can then share some of your favorite thoughts, sketches, poems and experiences, using #earthgratitudejournal and tagging @ForestCreekMeadows on Instagram so that more people can be inspired by others who are honoring the Earth.

Who is the Earth Gratitude Journal for?

This monthly journal is for anyone and everyone who wants to build, shape and redefine their relationship with a changing environment.

It is for those who want to stand up and be held accountable for loving and expressing their love for the land, for the waters and for the air that we all breathe.

In essence, the Earth Gratitude Journal is for those caring souls who wish this world to be an even more beautiful place, free of plastic/garbage and free of wild inhibitions.

It is the space, within each of our hearts, where we can imagine, visualize and design a sustainable future. A future that not only nourishes our next of kin, but every next of kin.

What age is the Earth Gratitude Journal for?

As long as you can read and write, you can enjoy the journal prompts to the fullest.

The youngest ones can enjoy the coloring page, or telling a story out loud.

For some this will be a challenge, for others it will only reaffirm their love and gratitude for living on this incredible planet.

And for all, it will give us something to do, off-line, as we spend more time in nature, thinking about nature or doing something about the sustainable future of life on Earth.


If you have any more questions, please contact Cheryl, Csermely and Roland at info[at]

Keep an eye on this space for more Earth Gratitude Journal details…