Finding one’s contentment in nature by the way of love for all

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Most of you reading this, let’s face it, are born and raised urbanites, total novices. Visitors only in that which surrounds human society with all its constructs, nature.

More often than not, stepping off some metal platforms at wheel’s height on, or right into it, we carry a baggage of foreignness, something usually harder to put down than a backpack or a suitcase.

Nature, mother of all, awaits everyone, even her most prodigal child with the same love and longing, yet we often act like, and genuinely so, as if we didn’t recognize her. Not because of her changing, but paradoxically, our own disfiguration. As though one was gazing at a mirror image of oneself, distorted to the proportion in which she or he has not nurtured face-to-face, in-person intimate relations with Nature, with Source.

You step out, present yourself at her door or barge straight into her living room, realizing it is your inheritance, but with an air of someone addressing a maid, ordered to tend to your wishes, rather than your own long-seen mother, who perhaps has some wishes toward you, her daughter or son, equally long-seen. Not as a condition , but as the means of her caring love to you.

Awe is infinitely better than indifference as a feeling to have, when setting foot anew on “Earth”.

Yet even awe is nothing more than an ephemeral emotion-grimace appearing on the face of a mediocre actress/actor, if you cannot support it with true, listen to this: eternal and unconditional love.

Love, one may think, is an emotion reserved to humans and other animals back down the evolutionary ladder at a certain arbitrary stage, below which creatures, beings no longer demonstrate it palpably for our senses, therefore assumed to not even have the aptitude for it. An earthworm loving its healthy, fecund soil?! A stretch mark.

However, love is everywhere and not surprisingly is coupled with a great deal of gratitude.

In the grip of a tree’s roots around a boulder, indistinguishable who is cradling whom…

Peregrine rocks in the bed of a stream loving to bits their temporary stationing spots in that flow of energy…

The very unassuming daisy by your foot in the parking area of the lookout point, is itself grateful to be there, to “see” you, to be noticed, emanating love in muted colors, nonetheless the same unconditioned as the great vista should be approached with before you.

Planets in our Solar System surely love the great equilibrium connecting them all together.

Orion, also known as Nimród, the great hunter king Hungarians originate themselves from as a Sagittarius nation, on a dark night, arrow on the bow, shows you the way to conquer your fears and proudly step into your own destiny with the same timeless love. Regardless how many bright and colorful, blinking satellites hover around him, trying hard to distract and take your attention off what’s truly important in life.

There is something of a common denominator among all of these expressions of love, from the faintest to the greatest scale. And that is what simplicity, humility, steadfastness and contentment would best describe, together with what the English language isn’t even able to fully deliver, but relinquishment comes the closest (áldozatkészség, in Hungarian).

Love does presuppose sacrifice and that’s part of its beauty. Only in extreme situations does it call for readiness to offer a total self-sacrifice, yet almost always necessitates selflessness.

Upon entering the great temple of Nature, remember to offer your own selflessness, in the space where every sentient being, visible or not, readily sensible or just past initiation, do the same.

Love for all!

Try letting go of the hands of others and practice the love that extends far-far beyond our own species (although there is need of a lot of love to be sent around here too), embracing this entire animate planet we call home, and that goes all the way through to our Sun, its clout of most familiar celestial bodies and through all galaxies, into the deep-deep stretches of the unknown.

Practice love for all in your present incarnation, don’t wait for afterlife experiences, it does wonders for your karma too.

This would be the simple way to contentment: continuously receiving and emanating the universal unconditional love, with gratitude.

Roland Magyar

Passionate rewilder, who lives outside of the world of compromises.

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