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In this near or real curfew of the body, the mind is still free to roam. As fate would have it, our mind will soon come “home” anyway, turning towards its own host. The intimacy of immobility sets hard-to-escape grounds for the mind to run its circles around us. A dual clench forcing each of us to wrestle with frustrating questions.

Questions such as…

  • how did we get to this condition governed by fear, this (b)lockdown?
  • is it that we are victims or have we set ourselves up for this Nostradamian impotence?
  • if it’s the latter, how did we go so wrong?
  • does social distancing only increase the clarity of an even greater divide, the one between us and nature?
  • are our overly complex lives a mere mocking glass – if we dare look into -, ushering us quicker towards the exit, where simple life begins?

More self-examination

Ask yourself now what made you choose the lifestyle that – one way or another – locked you in the prison cell of your room, apartment or house.

The question could be paraphrased to ask what made you choose urban modernity over a simple life grounded in nature? Yes, it might have come in a form of inheritance. Yet, what made you not bail yourself out earlier on? Why did you allow this overly busy lifestyle overwhelm you like a malignant tumor that – worst of all – you have felt growing?

And so could self-doubt go on.

Healing and awakening

Take advantage of these weeks off and try to pull your energy body, in disarray, back together again. During a similar down time, we were fortunate enough to come across a simple method of healing our energetic field, the multilayered field that keeps everything in balance, from the outer reaches of the aura to cellular level.

Energy medicine, as one of its founders, Donna Eden names the technique, is something humanity has practiced from times immemorial and anyone is able to do it. You learn it once and it’s yours for life. Without side-effects.

With a balanced, calm mind, body and spirit, now you can challenge yourself to increase your immunity by expanding on your comfort zone.

I do this routinely on two fronts: every morning, first thing I expose myself to the weather elements and do three rounds of breathing according to the Wim Hof method, while later in the day, pretty much regardless how cold it is, we as a family take a dip in the creek that flows by our home.

All this could be practiced on a balcony, at an open window and by taking daily cold showers too. Both of these exercises are greatly invigorating.

Boost your consciousness

Yawn out all you need to let go of, all that has held you back from living simply, the kind of life all creatures seem to follow but our head-heavy selves. So, lighten the load in your head by raising your consciousness toward a more and more intuitive existence.

Listen to your heart, your gut instincts. If you asked your heart, I doubt it would choose a tumultuous urban life scene for you.

Heart belongs to nature and you are truly mindful if you follow its guidance.

Nature therapy

Nature is aesthetically pleasing, uplifting, yet notice how much more it is than a wallpaper-like backdrop to life. Nature is life itself! Take your sneakers and ankle socks off, step outside into it barefoot, honestly, in a participatory manner, ready to engage. In what exactly? In all the simplicity unfolding around you.

We don’t need to engineer the complex parts into nature – that is already in place, working miraculously, when allowed. Living simply we just engage in its simple acts. That’s all, and evolution goes on. Can we, brainies do it? Sometimes it is doing nothing more than quietly absorbing.

Then, forget about measuring nature’s actors dualistically: being either good or bad characters.

You see, even a virus is useful, because it is here. It has a purpose and a right to existence. Embrace life with all its beings, but assume the wisdom of distancing yourself, to the best of your abilities, from that what does not concern you directly.

When something unpleasant starts concerning you, however, using those methods mentioned above and other ones of your own, keep calm and hold fear at bay. Best responses to challenges seem to come from a state of mental-emotional equilibrium.

Nature is benevolent, never forget or doubt that!

Living simply

Now, take that unconditioned benevolence of nature back into your home with you.

Make it your life creed, and you’ll have achieved the goal of living simply. The quintessential approach, anyway. The rest will follow.

Roland Magyar

Passionate rewilder, who lives outside of the world of compromises.

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