How Patreon helps creators connect with their audience

If you are a home-based artist, cultural creative, or writer/blogger/poet/photographer… and you have tried all the avenues of Etsy, Facebook and Pinterest, yet nothing has worked for growing your business, don’t despair, there is still one place left to look for your dedicated audience.

The audience who shows up, because they absolutely love what you are doing.

The audience who comments, because they have something meaningful to say.

The audience who pays, because they know that “what you are doing – matters”.

Patreon is the exception to the rule when it comes to connecting Patrons with their beloved Creators. Unlike crowdfunding with a one time push to help someone start/fund a project, Patreon supports honest, hard-working people who are already creating content by establishing a reliable monthly income based on tier levels set by the creator.

how Patreon helps creators connect to their audience

How Patreon helps creators connect with their audience:

Patronage for the arts goes way back, all the way to Mozart and Michelangelo. Long before the internet came about, there was a way for creators to make money – and many artists found their work being shared by a select few, rather than by a random-mildly-interested-few-thousands of people.

When a smaller, loyal group of dedicated followers lands on your Patreon page, they will need to see that you are also dedicated to the project. You need to show up and be producing interesting content on a regular basis.

Everything you need to get started on Patreon is right here. You can learn how to perfect your page, find out what to do for the best launch possible and learn some tips and tricks of growing your business.

It takes heaps of creativity to get started, but once you do, you’ll be able to focus on your message and provide exactly what you are ready and willing to give. Finding your crowd may take some time, but if your project is compelling those Patrons will come!

Final words of advice for using Patreon to connect with your audience:

Listen to Amanda Palmer, author of the book and Ted talk – The Art of Asking – and begin to ask what you want, and what you need, for yourself.

Imagine what you can give to others in return for their generous support, ask them what they want!

Let people know that likes, shares and retweets are nice, but at the end of the day they do not support the work and life of the creator(s). Keep Facebook in mind: even though a page may have more than a thousand followers who often comment and like images (with text), it means nothing when only a hundred people see the call for action, and the rest keep scrolling by…

Technology is changing and we need to change with it. If we like something, we should be willing to pay for it – not everything is for free.

If you want to support an individual, or an entire family, just because you can, do it!

And if you would like to support our simple, sustainable journey of ecological living and homesteading in rural Romania, now is your chance.

For the price of one monthly coffee ($3) you can help us grow into this landscape:

And with your support we’ll be able to share our lives as we gather up our hens and our garden seeds – which will allow us to gather eggs and share what we eat from our organic garden.

We’ll hike and converse, draw and create poetry inspired by the landscape around us, there will be videos, audio (so you can hear our intent voices on why it is so important to live slowly, mindfully, simply)…

It is up to you, as much as it up to us. Traditionally, small farmers make enough money to survive; we seek more than enough money to thrive, because a great change is needed to upscale the income of sustainable farming. With modern (in the sense of novel), innovative ideas, and the love for old-world ways, we are more-than-ready to inspire people to live lives closer to nature. And we are excited to share it all with you.

Come – join us!


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