How to Create a Life You Don’t Want to Escape From

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Do you feel stuck at home, or glad to be safe?

Are you longing for that next shopping trip out with friends, or that future coffee date?

Times are uncertain, that much is true, as for your way of thinking, it is entirely up to you! A curse or a blessing, it is your choice.

When you are happy and fulfilled in life, smiles and laughter will only increase the joy, your vibrant health and passion in existing in the here and now. And in the future too.

But, what happens when you cannot leave your house for two weeks? How about 2 months, or more, in relative isolation?

Are you instantly longing for a vacation, a break from life/work/play at home? Or are you enjoying the time to be with your family for all it is worth?

If you are currently struggling with loving life at home, use this time to dream up and change what isn’t working.

In order to create a wonderful existence you don’t want to escape from, you’ll have to embrace these 9 features in life:

Have anytime access to nature

There is nothing worse than being stuck inside when the sun is shining and the blue sky is beckoning you to come out and play. Not only will being outside lift your spirits, you get your daily dose of vitamin D and fresh air too.

If you live in an apartment, or are stuck in a city, imagine how it would feel to all of a sudden live out in the countryside.

Out in the country, even the suburbs where you can have a backyard, life is simpler, more peaceful. You absolutely need a place where you can plant your bare feet in the Earth and just breathe and stretch, as often as necessary.

With access to nature, it will be easier to embrace an eco-minimalist mindset, stepping gradually into a sustainable life.

Rediscover your creative side

With plenty of time on your hands, do you revert to Netflix for all your entertainment needs? Or are you the kind of person who does something more meaningful, more productive with all that free time.

Of course, a little downtime can be relaxing, even needed after a stressful day. Though too much television, too many movies, too much virtual reality can leave you feeling down and inadequate.

Instead, reclaim access to your crafty hands and put them to purposeful use.

Plant and tend to a garden. Get started on creating your sustainable wardrobe. Play a game, tell a story, write a poem. Explore new ways of making money by doing what you like to do – not what you were told you are good at.

Take a digital detox. Often.

Now that an abundance of videos are out of the picture, think of all that extra time you gain with all digital devices shut off. Yes, this includes your smartphone as well.

The off switch is a powerful button that allows you to return to simpler times. It gives you the freedom to cook healthy meals, it allows you to spend time with family and friends, it even encourages you to go out and try new things.

If there is anything to escape from, it is definitely a life lived too much online!

Unclutter your life

If you are trying to escape your past for whatever reason(s), you need to get rid of it both in the physical world, and from your subconscious. The latter being a tad more difficult, though not impossible to do.

As your mind is telling you that you are stuck at home, change that sentiment to “I am safe at home.” Perhaps you are merely surrounded by objects that no longer serve you.

So, get rid of them! Go through your house, your life, room by room and toss, recycle and let go of objects that no longer bring a smile or meaningful purpose into your life.

If you love everything in your home, the way it is organized and decorated, you’ll have then created a home to come home to, not to get away from.

Bring on a minimalist mindset

With a decluttered home, you can become more conscious about new things that come in, because inevitably they do.

People give gifts, you need new kitchen items, a third pair of shoes… Life doesn’t ever have a one-in-one-out policy. It rather comes in waves, or ripples, sometimes even avalanches. If you can slow down enough to appreciate every object in your home, then you are well on your way to experiencing a sense of what it means to have enough – to be enough.

Be mindful of money

As you spend more and more time at home, you’ll come to understand where your money goes when you are gone. Without the ability to shop (in person) and without the goals of shopping online, you’ll have more money to save, or donate, at your fingertips.

Use your valuable time to save and prepare for the future, if you haven’t been doing so already.

With a healthier amount of savings, your anxiety levels can subside, knowing well that you are safe right where you are.

Also, be mindful that life isn’t all about the money. It is about health, happiness and being comfortable with where you are in the moment.

Value your time

Just because you are at home (or working from home) does not mean that you are available to anyone and everyone at all times of day. Keep this in mind as others may try to take advantage of the situation.

If you need an hour or two for self-care, shut off the phone and invite the quiet in. Log out of social media. Be unavailable to everyone except yourself.

Use this time for journaling, dreaming and writing down the steps it takes to create a life you are proud to be an active participant of.

Find purpose

Without purpose we are wandering and meandering through life, unsure of where we are, or where we are going… lost to ourselves and lost to the world.

Imagine your purpose as your inner compass, akin to your intuition. To find this purpose, your reason for being, examine what makes you happy, what makes you proud.

Once you discover what you truly enjoy (what makes your heart smile) go out and share it with the world!

Stop being afraid

Afraid of failure, afraid of hard work, afraid of losing a job, afraid of being sick, afraid of others becoming ill, afraid of not doing enough in life or being enough… That’s enough!

There are so many reasons to be afraid of in life, those listed above are not the ones to fear.

Instead, choose to be calm.

Again, living in the quiet countryside can help with this.

Choose to have confidence.

Dare to be brave – even in icy cold waters.

Choose to embrace the opposite of worry, which is indeed mindfulness.

In creating a life you never need – or want – to escape from, you’ll end up with a life, a career and a home that invites love into the very heart of it.

Cheryl Magyar

Cheryl is a freelance writer and content creator on all things related to simple living, ecological minimalism, organic gardening and foraging. She is the co-creator of the Earth Gratitude Journal, a monthly downloadable journal that focuses on having greater appreciation for living on this incredible planet.

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