How to Survive Tough Times, Keeping a Promising, Sustainable Future in Mind

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Change is inevitable…

How we relate to it makes all the difference in the world.

At this point in time, amidst a changing climate and a fast-moving virus, the Earth is beginning to repair herself, while much of humanity is in relative isolation waiting for a definitive answer. “When will this all be over?”

The answer we seek is not necessarily the one we will receive. See, if humans return from their forced hibernation with the mentality of consumerism as usual, then we will have a continued problem that flows across all aspects of life. From food to health, from scarcity to sickness.

Business – as usual, needs to change.

Old models aren’t working. Our relationship with nature has gone awry. And while it may feel that we, as a society, are being hit hard, it can be harder still.

But the choice to live, and to thrive is up to you!

It takes determination, goodwill, patience and a bit of work to see positive results, yet your efforts will be greatly rewarded when you choose to live a simple, sustainable life.

Surviving tough times

We’ve said it before and will say it again – moving out to the countryside will truly change your life, and always for the better.

Where fewer people, cars and trucks roam, you will find fresher air and bluer skies. With free access to these essentials of life, you will be able to breathe in deeply, breath after breath, day after day.

With access to land you can walk outside barefoot as often as you like, even in the snow. This is an incredibly healing activity that many of you know as earthing or grounding.

More important reasons to choose the countryside as home and a place to raise your children are food security and freedom.

If you’ve experienced a recent food scarcity, you’ll likely have come to the realization that the ability, and the land, to grow a garden is priceless.

Foraging may even become more of a necessity.

Tough times call for quietude and action. As homesteaders we’ve experienced our fair share of hard times, yet we’ve learnt valuable lessons along the way. With time you will learn those self-reliant skills too.

Do you have the skills to survive?

With food insecurity and lifestyle changes that most people are facing, we have to ask – are you prepared?

Are you prepared for the short-term? Do you have a plan for long-term solutions? Not in a preparedness kind of way, but in a prepared way. Not hoarding supplies, but relying on your own ingenuity to survive.

These are skills, that we have mastered in our past 18 years of marriage.

In light of the current global situation, we wish to help you overcome these challenges too.

How can we (and you!) change the future?

Sustainability starts at home.

So, begin your own journey to a sustainable life, taking the necessary steps while you sit in quiet contemplation, in the comfort of your home, while waiting out the storm.

In the meantime, we are here to help.

Our Sustainable Lifestyle Design Services are perfect for individuals and families seeking to live simpler lives. For introverts who prefer the written word over video calls, your calling is here.

But, before you get ahead of yourselves, we recommend you to read this article first to find out more about what a sustainable life designer is, and what she or he does:

7 Benefits of Working With a Sustainable Lifestyle Designer

An additional offer of 1-hour coaching packages

We know that time, money and resources may be limited.

For those reasons we are now offering sustainability coaching sessions in 1-hour time slots. From household to household, we will communicate via Whereby and talk you through the innumerable changes/challenges you are facing ahead, whether they be:

  • planting a garden
  • learning to safely process and save food for the future
  • starting a homestead
  • spending more meaningful time in nature
  • rewilding land and yourself
  • and much, much more related to natural living!

Cost of 1-hour sustainability coaching

This is a family-to-family service. Both Roland and Cheryl will be present on video calls, quite often Csermely too, to ring in with her wisdom, particularly when there are other children present.

In this way, all can hear/learn/gather inspiration for living a sustainable life at the same time.

This 1-hour coaching session will be followed up with an email exchange to make sure that actions and activities related to the conversation are being taken.

Cost: €90/hour per household

If you have any questions about topics we may cover, please contact Cheryl and Roland at info at to send a short message. We will then select a time which works conveniently for both parties.

A PayPal invoice will be sent shortly after.

If you are ready to change your life, living simply with a sustainable future in mind, the time is now…

You are ready to make echoing changes!

Cheryl Magyar

Cheryl is a freelance writer and content creator on all things related to simple living, ecological minimalism, organic gardening and foraging. She is the co-creator of the Earth Gratitude Journal, a monthly downloadable journal that focuses on having greater appreciation for living on this incredible planet.

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