Mind-free Living

Welcome to Mind-free Living, my personalized life mentoring service based on instinctual responses given to life’s practical challenges, as encountered daily.

This is an extremely pragmatic, hands-on service that you can put in practice by remembering, reenacting and repeating the response patterns you witnessed during our 20-minute Whereby or Zoom conversation(s). It is also a very quick-moving, lightning-quick, if you will, and terribly focused exercise that we’ll go through with my lead. And I will act as the future you, not some demigod know-it-all.

Now, you see, there is no room for theorizing there, otherwise the process line would break, the free-flow would suffer.

There will be an issue or two brought to the table by you, and my instant interpretation, my channeling of nature’s kind of answers to them, that will always be gut-based, so following a universal morality, bypassing any human culture, almost predating such as human culture. Free of preconceptions and prejudices, stressing the Mind-free Living concept.

I am no couch-philosopher, let me tell you, and I do not wish to add on to the swell of those who do it so well, but lack in applying theory to the real world. I guarantee that I will not short-change you with bla-bla only to leave you in more confusion than before making the call. That being said, I ask you to please, read the short philosophical foundation to this service of mine in preparation for our Mind-free Living video-talk, so you and I can meet on the same base. I also dislike special lingo, pseudo jargons, however well-chosen, appropriate linguistic creativity I approve of. Hopefully you do too. So let’s begin before the technical details of the service.

I called my approach mind-free living to stress the crucial importance, at this point in time on Earth, of us humans starting to act on our animate, responsive instincts as opposed to the head-heavy, high-inertia way we have been trained to behave.

It is my personal observation of well over a decade now, since I have first started listening carefully to my gut “whisperings”, that feeling is infinitely more honest, a more genuine way of connecting to the other-than-us world than thinking.

This means allowing our intuition to lead us without hampering it with the arrogance of the cognitive brain.

Mind-free living services

In the cumulative life experience of my forty-one years, I have gradually found this to be the wisdom shining through the manifestation, the behavior of any and every other animate being on Earth, including air, water or rocks, let alone those ones we usually can easier relate to in modernity: plants and animals. And I am so tempted to liken this universal wisdom to a mentality, although it is carried out by an ageless and unfathomably complex response tapestry blanketing the entire being, and the energy field beyond, in such subtleties that there are no words, again, just feelings to interpret them.

Yet, despite its ‘mental’ root, misleadingly suggesting a cranial origin, mentality is how we refer to the overall behavior pattern, the attitude exhibited by someone, or – more rarely – something. A pretty obvious instinctual issue – in the case of humans spiced with some cultural influences.

Now, bringing that universal wisdom closer to home, to my Mind-free Living service, the reason of you being here, shrinking cosmos to nature and effectively removing the culture constituent, this exclusively anthropomorphic concept, to maintain the notion of nature in its intrinsic purity, let’s see what we are left with. The phrase mentality still seems to describe so well the idea of a typical way of responding, that I went ahead taking the liberty of attributing a mentality to nature, so a (non-mathematical) likelihood of nature on a whole, exhibiting certain responses in certain situations – in other words manifesting a mentality.

Hence nature’s mentality was born. And assuming nature’s mentality for ourselves is our goal!

In a very real sense, through this service I am encouraging you to unbutton your heavy cultural coat and become the considerate animal you were conceived in evolution. Don’t write anything down! Animals don’t write. Just listen carefully and feel. Set your gut instincts in free motion. Not that they ever stop working, but you have surely long stopped paying attention to them and the channels got clogged. That is abuse to oneself.

We’ll intuit together to ease you back into the root-ine. Pun intended.

What you will leave with, mind-free:

  • Learning by example how to make heart-based decisions in a heart-beat
  • Trusting your intuition again, benefiting from its life-long protection and all-time guidance
  • Removing hesitance from your personality traits
  • Freeing yourself from the concept of compromise and of living by such
  • Getting enlightened by an animistic and holistic consciousness
  • Self-confidence

Who is my Mind-free Living service for:

You have to have previously taken at least one other mentoring service with us, this one being a practical follow-up exercise to complement the previously absorbed intuitive wisdom, that cannot be curtailed, crowded by self-introduction. It is light-hearted and fun, yet serious one-on-one experience, thank to its fast pace and likely surprising outcome. It is facilitated by modern-day technology: video-conversation on Whereby’s or Zoom’s platform – your choice. Please, make sure you have the necessary software signed up for, installed and updated on your device beforehand.

Strictly one-on-one service due to its nature. I want you to have a quality experience and receive full value of your payment.

What do you get from this service:

20 minutes dense with free-flowing intuitive utterances, as feelings emerge in stricter or looser association with, but always intuitively addressing the topic brought up by you, as if they just presented themselves to me.

I offer 4 of these 20-minute sessions a month, always on one of the same two days of the week, Tuesdays or Fridays (your choice), at the hour we decide to be mutually acceptable. (Out of courtesy to our family life, please note that we are located in the Eastern European Time Zone (EET), which is GMT+2 hours.) First come, first serve. When the slots are all taken, one can sign up for next month’s best suited opening.

You only commit to 20 minutes (of your time and mine), and you are welcome to return for as many more sessions as you wish, without any obligation. No discounts, however.

Intuitive wisdom is priceless – you’ll see.

During the 20-minute Whereby or Zoom talk you will have your not more than 2 topics – small, practical, every-day issues that have just occurred in your life or you are simply intrigued about, wondering how to approach them right in a sustainable, moral way – I will answer them in earnest.


The price of Mind-free Living:


My price is non-negotiable and non-refundable. Please pay with the PayPal button below…

For scheduling a Mind-free Living session contact me by email dropping a note in attention to Roland: info[at]forestcreekmeadows.com 

Be loved!