Natural healing with the energies of the Earth

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Spin a wick, dip a beeswax candle – alight…

The candle will burn with calm warmth, its flame dancing to the rhythm of life as it unfolds around the proud, yet humble body of the candle… until the flame gradually transcends into a state of scent and… memory.

Of course, its energies live on after the candle vanishes from the consciousness of the senses, disappears from awareness.

Though it may return, once more, to our palate as an umami, a sublime note of honey, a followable trace of the bee colony out into the flowering meadows, and beyond, to the dew and raindrops that, together with the heat of the sun, lured us in the form of the bee to the flowers, while the excess water dripped off, drifted into the creek and disappeared in the rock canyons that meander through the stands of forest on its way to the oceans, where it churns and foams back into the air, so that losing its salty weight, can return into our lungs, picking up the scent of newer candle smoke, reminiscent of other meadows, creeks and forests. It goes on, and on, and on, in beautiful one flow with eddies and rapids, never stopping, always dynamic.

So, then, spinning a wick, dipping a beeswax candle and alighting it, we created an allegory of life, in fact.

Now, what is hidden behind this life allegory, is the common frequency all creatures, features, however passive or tempestuous they might appear, we all bear a common, universal base energetic frequency.

Yes, there are deviations from it, but just to the extent that expresses the uniqueness each and every personality resonates at, syncopating with the common theme, but never straying far from it, much like energy fuzzes spiking out of the yarn they are all spun of and spun into.

When certain internal – very internal, indeed – powers tease our energy hairs out and off our motherly core set of values, harmonious range of frequencies and amplitudes, we fall in a stage of mayhem, physiological and psychological distress. We would attribute this harmful inertia to socio-cultural pressures, real or perceived, epigenetically passed down and taken for granted or voluntarily assumed in adulthood.

In very simple terms, this is a condition of stress, unwellness, or outright illness – inflammation, for short.

To restore wellness, one has to realign with… what?

Well, quite naturally, but surprisingly, perhaps: intuition.

One’s intuition, we believe, is the single most trustworthy and culturally uncorrupted compass a human being has.

Only intuition can guide us back to that energy DNA we precariously (but curably) “mutated” and broke off from.

As soon as we make the conscious realization that, literally and/or figuratively speaking, we have strayed from the dynamic state of balance, onto an inflammatory, distressing off-shoot, we do best if we reconcile our discredited or dismissed intuition.

Then, gradually, we learn to intuit ourselves back to that homeostasis which – thank to the benevolent universe – will gravitate us towards wellness. In order to unleash intuition, however, one needs to not question it, the gut intelligence, so that it does not get trumped with over-rationalizing brain work.

Intuition will graciously see us jump out of our shoes and tread on barefoot.

Our bare feet, in turn, by the means of conducting Earth’s subtle electric energy into our bio-circuits, will lead us on to – likely to become – life path changing discoveries: revealing weaknesses, lifting brain fog, making realizations such as what true happiness is: that we find it in nurturing relationships with each other and with nature…

But intuition will also lead us back to the woods to steep ourselves in the healing, restoring energies of trees. People of the heavily populated Japan have been coerced by modernity’s stressful life into rediscovering what surely used to be practiced, if not daily, but often enough to keep our ancestors healthy, the subconscious act of forest bathing. You can feel its healing, soothing power even if you rest underneath a single old tree, leaning against its trunk, let alone when you walk in grounding footwear, and occasionally barefoot, for hours at a time in a woodland.

Your nape will pleasantly cool down as a sign of normalizing blood pressure, or else, you can also increase your heart’s and lungs’ rate, where you actually sweat from the unusual workout. As a matter of fact, a life lived earnestly in nature, implies a balanced combination of both: recuperative and invigorating at once. And all this by living the life we are meant to be living anyway as hum(an)imals. Look around: right and left, above your head and underfoot, all beings know how to artfully combine activity and rest. We shouldn’t need reminding either.

Furthermore, intuition will have us forage and hunt for deep nutrition. This is so viscerally ingrained in our drive, that it’s hard to resist.

Once upon a time, it came as second nature of ours, born into both on family and community levels, and safely taken for granted, something what used to be inherited epigenetically, but for a long period now it hasn’t been. Nevertheless, it can be done again, starting in the family, perhaps. In a world of adulterated foodstuffs, this is arguably one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family, to mindfully forage in an unspoiled environment, possibly close to, if not right by your home. This will assure the smoothest mash between the energetic resonance of your own and the native flora-fauna-fungi of your location. And that is exactly what one should strive for. Strive and thrive!

Last, but not least, the same intuition that has lead you thus far, will lead you to the waters to drink and bathe in. Waters teaming with life, crystalizing wonderfully in winter, enchanting you with their babble in summer. Don’t miss the creek bed’s clay deposits either. Literally incorporate them into your everyday life, drinking it, munching and savoring its oily mineral and, yes, bacterial goodness. Infants do it instinctually. Don’t just let them (pure source provided), follow suit. Don’t be squeamish and you’ll be grateful: enhanced digestion and bowel movement, improved immunity to ailments, your body will keep toxins at bay. You’ll become intimately native to the land, once again. Rub it all over yourself in celebration!

Generally speaking, our intuitive moves will help us integrate into the evolutionary (as opposed to the cultural) vernacular and integrate the resonance of what is genuinely native of the locale into our own emanation. So that, eventually, we become one with the place we inhabit. An indistinguishable part of the whole.

Rise with the sun and live by the moon!

Roland Magyar

Passionate rewilder, who lives outside of the world of compromises.

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