Nature – the source of meaning

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Whether we can see it or not any more, we are children of nature.

Despite regional and social strata ideologies:

  • we are not born into a religion (to serve it)
  • we are not born to a nation (to serve it)
  • we are not born to our parents (to serve them)
  • we are not even born to the species to serve its own selfish interests

We are here to enrich the interplay in the gorgeously intricate web of life on an animate Earth, a spec of mystery swirling in the cosmos, the boundless parent mystery of all.

Most importantly we are here to be, and to be:

  • glowingly healthy and happy and wholesome
  • glowingly present
  • glowingly curious to interact in the play
  • a glowingly fractal copy of the benevolence of the universe

We saw it. We saw just that in the eyes and wiggles of our new-born daughter seven and a half years ago. Heard it in her giggles when rattling the drying vines of green peas that hung above the cradle – a natural mobile.

Now, seven and a half years later, we hear this same benevolence ring in the questions of her wise old soul, when, having already put herself past the drama of existence-nonexistence, wonders how much longer is the Earth going to revolve – in that endless series of revolutions of the universe, we help her to a fuller image of cosmic dynamics – together we learn that our planet will eventually fuse with a first growing sun, lend our insignificant but existing inertia to its own, so despite our vanishing, the motion lives on, even as now us, the sun becomes a black dwarf from its former white “giance.

But we are not going to be affected in our lives, right? – she asks more with a slightly concerned curiosity, rather than alarm, as someone who still has a great deal to accomplish until such fusion takes place.

See, she may not be a genius, the Matilda’s kind, of the audiobook we are listening to at the moment, while mom is typing more inspirational words into the computer, this machine that converts personal experiences into ethereal influence. She may not be a genius of the cognitive kind, yet why would we bother, anyway? There is an ocean of soul-devoid brains at work out there which are disappointing at best and dangerous at worst.

What the human world is greatly lacking, in spite of weekly pouty touts from behind sterile pulpits, is flesh and blood genuine hearts, recognizing their beat as the tiny songbird’s fed by the creek he has just sipped from, animated by the air currents that lifted him and allowed him to descend to be comforted by the cool solidity of the rock underneath his fragile feet.

As parents, we are here to nurture our child’s heart, preparing her mind to follow along, not the other way around. If we can accomplish this and keep her heart in nature, the one well of inspiration that never dries up, we have done all in our power to perpetuate true love.

True love is born in nature and true love tends to disappear where nature gets reduced to mere wallpaper illusion.

One needs to acknowledge this, but – much more importantly – has to act on it, following the same impulses of a leading heart. One’s own leading heart. Because, when allowed, all hearts lead to nature.

Where nature is thread-bare, overly see-through and, therefore, deficient in the magic, in the mystery inherent in a robust natural milieu, we need to step in, turn tides around and allow nature to organically regain these necessary layers, like veils behind which enigma can benevolently hide once more, hopefully for good, arousing our fantasy.

Enigma, is like a good wine or cheese, the older the more enigmatic, the more thrilling, because there is more for the soul to discover, yet one can never fully exhaust or explain the experience. And that is precisely what we need: the humbling reminder that we are not to search for an ultimate answer as to “why?”.

What’s the meaning one should search for in nature, then? – you may ask, if the ultimate answer is withdrawn from us.

Well, while prying is of no use, wondering respectfully is not only welcome, but essential for our emotional well-being, for a balanced, grounded psyche.

We are here to keep our hearts, minds and senses open, and actively wonder at the magnificence of this thick, vibrant energy broth that holds everything together, including us in it.

Nature is the best conduit to wonder and wander alike.

Make nature not a crash therapy though, for your potentially fatigued being. Make nature your home, because nature is always there and ready to take abode in you.

Roland Magyar

Passionate rewilder, who lives outside of the world of compromises.

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