Nature Therapy Workshops

Are you in need of a digital fast? Or a digital detox as it’s more commonly known?

A couple of days without your phone, without any distractions or notifications of the beeping kind?

How about spending several hours outside, reconnecting to the land and restoring your sense of wonder for the natural world?

Great! We have just the opportunity for you! But, you’re going to have to make it to Breb, Romania to join us.

What you’ll experience on our 2-day Nature Therapy/Digital Detox Workshop

On a Saturday, you’ll arrive promptly to our home on the hill by 9 am. We’ll invite you inside for a warming tea so we can get to know each other before heading outdoors, where we’ll stay for much of the day (weather permitting).

Outside, we’ll sit in silence by the creek, or under the trees, feeling our way into a world without technology.

You’ll be writing poetry, delving into journal prompts from our Earth Gratitude Journals, drawing what you see & listening to what you hear.

You’ll be able to play with clay in the creek & forage for or press flowers from the meadows surrounding our home.

You’ll have time to slow down and enjoy the feel of nature beneath your bare feet and your fingertips, explore textures of the Earth & of the water rushing by and much more.

By the end of the first day you’ll feel more relaxed about leaving your phone at home.

At the end of the second day, you’ll be planning your next digital fast, knowing full well that you can survive for days at a time without technology.

If you are seeking guidance on how to find yourself in nature, we are here for you!

Nature Therapy/Digital Detox Workshop Dates for 2024

May 25-26

June 22-23

July 6-7 & July 27-28

August 17-18

September 7-8 & September 21-22

and the final workshop of 2024 will be on October 12-13

Workshop Details & Prices

Each Nature Therapy Workshop lasts 2 days, typically Saturday and Sunday. We may be able to modify the dates based on your dates of travel, or the weather, but it does take two entire days to slow down and truly appreciate the gifts that nature has to offer.

From 9 am to 4 pm, we will explore the possibilities of living closer to nature with some, or all, of the activities listed above.

Lunch, snack and foraged teas are included. Please let us know of any food intolerances before you arrive.

To honor your quiet time in nature, we can host a workshop for an individual or a maximum of 4 adults. Children aged 6-14 pay half price.

Adult price: €300 per person for a 2-day workshop

Child-young teen: €150 per child/teen for a 2-day workshop

Payment can be arranged through PayPal, or exact cash upon arrival. Let’s keep the money in flow!

As soon as you know the dates you’d like to come, please send an email to or send a message to Cheryl on Instagram, and let us know about your intentions and travel plans.

Other important information:

* We kindly ask you to bring no outside food, we’ll provide you with plenty to eat and drink (water, tea & raw milk – if you want it). If the weather cooperates we’ll have you cooking with fire, to rekindle your love for the flame.

* No cameras, phones or other devices are allowed, not even a smart watch. Please leave them at your accommodation. We’ll take pictures with your approval and send them to you after the workshop. Upon arrival you will receive a notebook for sketching, journaling and writing poetry in, that is yours to keep and take home with you.

* Sometimes the creek is flowing at a good speed and the water may be colder than you expect (though we are known to bathe in it even in winter), so if children are present, please be mindful around the flowing water and its rugged edges.

* The language of the workshops is English.


Breb, Maramureș (Máramaros), Romania

Here’s some travel advice for getting to Breb, the village we call home, as well as a list of accommodations in Breb for you to call home while you are here in the village.

Once you are in Breb, we’ll give you more specific directions on how to walk to our wooden house. Please be prepared to spend most of the day outside. And be sure to bring a pair of sturdy walking shoes, as well as your bare feet. There are hills to climb, a creek to chill your paws in and grassy patches for grounding.

Any questions?

Email Cheryl and Roland at and we’ll reply as soon as we get back online.