Nine (plus one) benefits of living sustainably

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In our personal lives as a family of three (comprising of two stay-at-home entrepreneurs and a life-learner child), we have found the following benefits to be outstanding in the quest of embracing a sustainable life.


The most convincing – and even viscerally felt to be true – reason for living sustainably is the profoundness one gains by choosing this enlightened, high consciousness existence. Not by sophisticated calculus, but byintuitively slipping into it, like feet in a comfy pair of slippers, or a mole in its hole.

Once embraced and achieved, living sustainably miraculously takes out all the thinking, while providing true meaning to whomever chooses it.

And the profound meaning lies in the unconditional assimilation, the wonderful self-dissolution into, a selfless merging with the universal flow and pulse of love.


The immediate rewards of channeling the flow of an animate universe, are the combined blessings of peace, calm and quietude, which mutually reinforce each other, but also cannot truly exist without one-another.

This triad, once it has taken hold of the comfortable abode in one’s soul, snowballs into an ever broadening, sweeping positive impact on life. Who would have ever thought that one can be smitten with any kind of avalanche? Well, this is just such an overwhelm, not unlike the view of the monarchs detaching themselves from forest branches by the millions and fluttering around inside one’s belly before their departure – a promise of return.


Living sustainably lends one the natural sense of stability – a certainty of rootedness. An assurance against drifts and also the temptation of becoming randomly drifted.

This, in turn, serves well the forthcoming generations, who will get to enjoy a deeper and stronger connection to their way of life and the vernacular, with every couple of decades. If they too, choose to partake in and advance this consciousness, that is. But, isn’t it easier to associate oneself with such a lifestyle if she or he is born into sustainable values?

Intimate knowing of one’s environment

Conscious and willing attachment to a place or a piece of land, which locale chose one too, by the way (and by no coincidence), reciprocating the same unconditioned love. This mutual commitment between land and inhabitant cannot help but be(come) an intimate knowing of each other.

It is a sharing of the innermost environments of the two parties who are actively engaged in a curious and continuous, reciprocal finding out.

Whether this happens just once in a life or a few times, committing to sustainable living can certainly not foster the formation of such strong relationships to a multitude of places, for intimacy takes time to develop and takes nourishing to bond – as we well know from our inter-human relationships.

Satisfaction over a responsible living

This brings us to the aspect of responsibility that this deep-rooted, intimate relationship with our life scene entails. We are talking about a bond that is, however, not a bondage: not a servitude and not a domination.

On the contrary, this tie to the set of values of living sustainably frees one from any further search, from doubts, therefore it is hugely liberating. And the freedom we gain in the committing process, fills one’s heart with complete satisfaction.

The lucky her or him assumes this once and for good: it is a path of no return.

Home-based life

Living sustainably invites one to draw back life’s externalities, so to speak, closer to home and encourages their transforming into internal assets of a life- and work-style that claims the home(stead) the fons et origo of inspiration.

Spaciousness for thriving

Sustainable life means more than just living.

It is about thriving in all manners. It embraces spiritual wealth as much as the material one. Part of the material manifestation of wealth that sustainability not only flourishes in, but depends on, is the adequate spaciousness.

This translates to both indoor and outdoor space, the spirited void, if you will, where it can expand, be lush and diverse. Only this way can it pick up its exuberance that is the hallmark of sustainability.

Free-flowing life without strict schedules

When choosing to live sustainably, one thereby acknowledges the rhythm of nature and the larger universe as one’s own life rhythm. That it is nurturing and invigorating to synchronize oneself with and weakening to go against, falling out of pace.

Once one learns how to rise with the sun and live by the moon, there will be no need for a stricter schedule than that, and this circadian rhythm itself, both celestial and corporeal (organic) in nature, will feel so massively empowering. Relaxing and invigorating at once. Optimally productive, beyond which efficiency loses meaning.

Embeddedness into a social fabric

Living sustainably draws one’s attention to the value of the social fabric she or he has chosen, however voluntarily or involuntarily, nevertheless which came with the land that had approved of one’s approach.

The universally applicable entropy and the general tendency towards an increasing one over time, almost guarantees that nobody would be able to and shouldn’t even try to go it alone. Sustainability presupposes multidimensional collaboration and that includes people as well.

Embrace and expand on the potentials of the surrounding social fabric. Remember: self-reliance is a real, plausible aim and holds more virtue than self-sufficiency, the latter being but a utopia.

Abundance without measure

Sustainability has the intrinsic value of abundance, therefore living sustainably is tapping into the same unquantifiable abundance, meaning that one will never have to worry about numbers adding up, never again. What a relief!

What amazing benefits of living sustainably have you discovered? Please share them in the comments below!

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