And the story goes on

Our story is your story… in many ways.

We are regular people, like yourself, and not. We believe in each one of us being different and we have complete respect for that uniqueness.

Yes, we can find, genealogically speaking and looking back in the foggy distant past, like the greyest range of mountains in the far back of landscape paintings, so there we can each find something to be proud of. For the girls, Cheryl and Csermely it may be Robert the Bruce, the first king of Scotland, while for Roland and Csermely (she gets to double dip) the discovery of the ancient history of their Hungarian heritage, including the invention of writing in Egypt and Mesopotamia.

But apart from the differences, we are pretty darn alike, you and us. We came to life when time was ready for our arrival and, right away, assumed the influences our parents bestowed upon us, by the selection and transfer of societal/cultural expectations they felt responsible to endow us with.

And then, quite a bit later, comes our fledgling consciousness, that accepts and rejects alternatively, as felt fit for our own turn to pass a certain set of values on. And it’s this tier, again, when we find a lot of commonality with dear you, as all we have become, our universal consciousness kept in focus now, did come about as a product of a very gradual, albeit more and more intentional procession and not – repeat: not – a moment of epiphany triggered by a whatever momentous event, whether extreme euphoria or heart-clenching grief.

Let’s get on with our story

Cheryl and Roland went to school, finished school, went to university, finished university, questioned schooling, but not education… When Csermely finally honored our circle with her soulful presence, we more than knew, we felt where it was right to continue: at life learning, ditching the concept of institutionalized education and the weakness to be easily swayed towards such, altogether. She is loved, cared for and as a result she is insofar the most wholesome being a parent can dream of – full of confidence, purpose, vivacity and vibrant health in body and psyche alike.

We ate blindly not only much of what society implied to us each, Cheryl and Roland separate, then as a married couple, but also what culture had cooked for us. And it almost managed to cook us, before we jumped (or crawled?) out of the vat. Needless to say, we never ever turned back to that same vat again. Life is too short and precious to waste it on discomfort.

This meant nothing else, but the craziest thing one could do with one’s own nurturing (rather denaturing) “mother” culture. Something virtually suicidal, self-expelling, yet, against all odds, resulting in an ongoing fabulous rebirth. Right in the presence of our own child. How amazing of a life experience that must be for an age-old young soul like her.

To question to bits everything culture has created. Culture, we say, not nature! Not the universe, mother of all, but culture that has harassed its own mother shortly after she inspired it to speak tongues. Culture took the inspiration, learned to utter, to hear not much else than its own new voice, and then took assault.

We started questioning the assaulting culture, we ourselves may come from, but now disown.

We recognized the obligation, the moral duty at this time in cosmic evolution to set aside traditions, these petrified fixations of culture and whenever it crosses our way still, interrogate its legitimacy. We realized not to take any traditional instructions as our incontrovertible guideline, whatsoever. We said our “rest in peace” to traditions, but without swirling a plastic Coke bottle into its grave, as the village priest did at a burial recently, after he emptied the holy water out of it onto the casket…

By now, we eat foraged wild foods that people ignorantly don’t touch and avoid much of what the majority glorifies.

But did it take us a long and painful learning curve to say no? Yes, it sure did.

The more we said no, the more positive and healthful our lives became.

It encouraged us, in turn, to make even more positive changes happen. We ruthlessly started culling every impurity we spotted in our emotional and material haul. Relationships, memories locked into material memoirs, cookbooks of our unhealthy, toothless predecessors, furniture they made and they made so fit for the landfill; we unbranded ourselves, stripped our house and household from chemical substances, threw our toothbrushes away, pig-hair bristles and all, for the sake of intuitive dental care and wholesome teeth.

And we did so from no other motivation than our own well being. Well being that does not harm others.

Talking about harm… we suffered the effects of modern medicines and vaccines, so we turned to the pharmacopoeia of nature instead. Our daughter is a fortunate evangelist of self-reliant healthcare, at her early age already.

Because nature is what is truly divine – and we divine… We discern. We feel through life. And seek comfort. We learned that the most comforting place is in nature’s lap. Until one nestles herself or himself in there, she or he should keep seeking the place. You’ll feel at peace when you arrive. We know, because, at last, we arrived too.

So we transcended the allegedly glorious past of humanity and now take pride in the humaneness of a gentle future ahead, while relishing in the present, fully here, even if incomplete, no resentments, just trust in the benevolent universe. Naked in our honesty, bare-chested where women, men and children, hand in hand, can all be bare.

And when not bare, we strive to wrap our bodies with nothing but nature, so that the harmony is unbroken, fluid. We are not there yet, but it is our way, a one-way path. The reference, the paradigm we have long shifted to nature’s mentality, which is infallible and the only source of genuine perfection: organic imperfection.

So, this kind of way, little by little, things started to fall in their place across the rocky span of ten-fifteen years. But we also learned to not try to pry for the place of everything, the reason behind… Reason itself, as in reasoning, seems to live its late age, getting close to a dissolution into an intuitive existence.

We welcome you on this other side. Let us say that we are here to offer you guidance in trail blazing, in climbing exponential curves, for the benefit of that earlier reach to your look-out plateau you can call sweet home.

You can find our Sustainable Life Design service where we as a family, jointly act in your family’s favor, Cheryl reaches out to the introverts of you in her soft-spoken language, while Roland invites you in his gut chamber of Mind-free Living, where outspoken intuition is in lime light.

Further on, we will serve your business enterprising with the sustainably right kind of entrepreneuralism. Native trees, what’s more: forests will be planted with your benefactor input to green our common future. This is how our story intertwines with yours.

And the story goes on…