cunningly sharp and decidedly fierce
a young fox with big plans
ran headlong into bigger brains

all she needed was a chicken
or two
to feed her family of three
following instincts of staving off hunger
providing for her young

the Human realm has different rules
we do not always obey
ruling by ancient law
death is the ultimate punishment
for stealing
even the mention of threat is a crime
killing what we do not understand
has gravely become the way of man

sharp teeth and red coats are a sin
marked for immediate death
we all lose
we are all lost
no one wins
when we murder
what cannot talk
we speak instead
with bullets and greed
as we discard the remains
on our Human trash heap

one day it happened, the strangest scenes are true
a fox was tossed into a hollow
a soul-stirring place
infested with broken bottles and a single high heel shoe
the garbage will outlive the psyche
the precious life that was lost
and tossed
disregarded like an empty water bottle, single-use, only worse

brains feed our body, they make us cunning and sly
just like a fox
they also make us bigger, grander
greater than life
we are the threat that will shake the world,
maybe we’ll even do it twice

searching for food is a dangerous act
when money runs out and starvation hits you hard
it is a choice to steal
or die
in a kind world you will be buried in an unmarked grave
if not, you will rot
nestled among broken household goods
a reminder of humanity, lost.

Written and recorded by Cheryl Magyar

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