Oxygenate Investors Page

Oxygenate Investors page.

For philanthropists of the world, who are ready to reinvest in the very place that gave them the inspiration to achieve abundance – the Earth.

Are you ready to contribute a sum of €1,000 or more to the re-creation of a heavenly Earth, no questions asked?

ForestCreekMeadows has created this page to specifically cater to willing investors and unconditional supporters of our endeavors as an ecological enterprise in Breb, Romania. This page will help you make an informed decision before allocating the sums of funds you wish to contribute to our success – and yours! We invite you to pay close attention to the details of the following message that our unique story of global reach conveys. Listen with an open heart…

You know as well as we do, what anguish our race has drawn the Earth into, the common parent and home of all animate beings in its lap. How insanely prodigal and defiant acts humanity has put on towards its gentle guardian and our fellow other-than-human siblings alike.

ForestCreekMeadows aim is to be the #sustainablechange – always.

Our Oxygenate program at ForestCreekMeadows presents and represents the true embodiment of the same unconditional love towards the Earth as we receive from it. It was our wish and it is now our true privilege to live in a part of the world that is extremely conducive for regenerative healing of our home planet and ourselves, co-creators of a new planetary harmony.

With your generous, no-ties philanthropy benefiting us, you directly benefit the Earth and not only yourself, but your progeny too. You know why? For several reasons and these are only some:

  • Each parcel of land to be included in the compact area or areas of the carbon sequestering reforestation project will become part of the private ownership and guardianship of our family, so a real estate that is officially identifiable and traceable in real time.
  • It is our determination to achieve a Sanctuary type nature conservancy status for the entire, but indefinite-bordered premises of the woodland project, that only allows for growth over time and secures a high profile protection status in perpetuity, all at once.
  • Our co-creating investors will be welcome to pay arranged personal visits at all times in our woodlands for pure recreational purposes, reconnecting with your remote investment, reminiscing over growth in a passing circular time framework, forest bathing, rejuvenating physically, mentally and spiritually alike, getting inspired by Nature’s amazingly rich self-expression, feeling truly at home on Earth in yet another place, which place you are able to proudly introduce your family and friends to.
  • Our donors will be able to witness a very unique symbiosis here between the active human presence and what would be considered feral. We have developed the conceptual basis and are ready to implement a new to the face of the Earth and genuinely sustainable approach to growing and raising food, which – befittingly – we named Symbiontic Food Provision. Here, humans commit to a symbiont level intimate participation in the multidimensional web of life that gets established and developed as infinite time elapses, with countless positive impacts rippling way beyond the all-time perimeters of our grounds.
  • You will be surprised and refreshed, guaranteed, by the quietude, thus far an increasingly rare commodity in modern life, that greets you here, as our land management as well as food providing activities will include absolutely no power machinery of any kind or size.
  • The all-handmade artisanal foodstuffs originating from here will consist exclusively of the native species, matching all other non-edible plant and animal species encountered across ForestCreekmeadows woodlands, authentically vernacular in this region of Maramureș (Máramaros), northern Romania, dating as far back as the last interglacial period in Earth history.
  • Besides the foreseen spontaneous reappearance of countless small and large organisms finding a life-affirming haven in the protection of our multi-story “Reforest-Food” land model, we envision the intentional reintroduction of certain formerly native, but at present by-gone charismatic species in due time, such as the European bison (Bison bonasus), the Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) and the brown trout (Salmo trutta). In the case of the bison we expect to have a multi-use herd or herds deployed in previously afforested habitat that best suits the habitat needs of this large herbivore.

As you can see, being Sustainable Lifestyle Designers we are long-term planners. We know you are too!

Thank you for investing in longevity!

Speaking of longevity, in any forest/woodland type ecosystem it is of utmost importance to reach the state of maturity in the most undisturbed, shortest time that is natural. Given the slower proceeding towards maturity in the case of temperate zone woody vegetation, with the exception of some coastal areas (like the remaining patches of temperate rainforests), in places like the majority of continental Europe, woody plants take off at much slower rate than in the tropics.

Page for Oxygenate Investors.

That’s why we encourage you to generously contribute to the co-creation of mature, permanent native forests in this part of the world, where our Maramureș (Máramaros) region is located in northern Transylvania, Central Europe. Deciduous hardwood forests with their charismatic oaks, beeches, ashes or hornbeams take life slowly.

They are patient and so are we, their guardian people at ForestCreekMeadows, but we can hardly wait to hear from you, get to know you and co-create with you a true haven for all life.

At this Oxygenate Investors level of monetary contribution we kindly ask all our philanthropists to contact us by email (info[at]forestcreekmeadows.com) about their financial offerings. Alternatively, you can quick donate here, no questions asked, no answers expected.

Thank you with all our gratitude!