Who a natural lifestyle is for…

in Rewilding - 2 min read

Nature is open to receive anyone in her lap. Yet, only the brave make it. We are not referring to Bear Grylls-type survivalist artists, extremists of the sort. Although they deserve their place in space too. Courage to rejoice in…

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6 Heartfelt Reasons to Keep a Journal

in Journal - 5 min read

As people chat and share their stories, struggles and successes in their personal worlds online, they begin to open up. They are opening energy lines where conversations can move and flow. If all goes well, people can even be influenced…

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Tap in

in Tapping - 4 min read

Tap in… Let’s play something. I’m in a playful mood… Let’s play a free associations game… Tapintat, for starters, is Hungarian for tact; tapasztalat means experience (of any kind), also in Hungarian. Forgive me for departing, like a beginner dancer…

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Digital Detox Mornings

in Digital Detox - 5 min read

If the last thing you do before you fall asleep is look at your phone for one last time, know that this simple act is making a lasting impression on your health. And it is not a good one… Yet,…

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