Planting a Tree

in Rewilding - 3 min read

Planting a tree is an act of kindness – and generosity. We are delivering trust to the future; knowing that our humanly, fragile lives can long be outlived by an English Walnut who can endure 150 years or more! She…

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Sustainable Steps – Water sourcing

in Sustainability - 2 min read

Sustainable Steps – Water sourcing Following air, the next most important life-supporting element, arguably, is water. Finding it is an art, not to be taken for granted or lightly. We are living in sophisticated times when less and less things…

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in Digital Detox - 5 min read

My wife came up to me this morning – following some contemplative self-care minutes yesterday evening – and introduced a very welcome “a-ha!” realization of hers – which effectively means: ours. In this still young new year (it’s the beginning…

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