Plant A Tree

Plant A Tree

Tree planting opportunities to offset your carbon emissions are here!

Climate change is affecting us all, from humans to sea creatures, insects, birds and every being in between.

Many of us are using more than our fair share of resources, while others are in the fortunate situation to be able to mitigate an ever more responsible consumption by planting forests and growing food, healthcare products and fiber for textiles all at the same time.

We invite you to take advantage of the opportunities we present you with.

We live at the outskirts of a charming North-Transylvanian village, Breb, located in a basin at the foothills of the Eastern Carpathians. Our family’s story here began two years ago, when we arrived as new settlers and instantly fell in love with the genus loci.

The nursery, as an epicenter for all the forthcoming carbon sequestration project, was a humble potato patch, which we harvested the last tuber crop from in the fall of 2018. It was followed by a clean-up, soil preparation done with workhorses and a simple soil comb to level the ground for seeds, seedlings and saplings.

Plant Trees – for Individuals

Whether you wish to have a lasting tree planted in the memory of the birth of a loved one, or celebrating any kind of anniversary, or whether you feel responsible for emitting so much climate warming carbon-dioxide during your holiday trips, business related travels (everyday commute or long-distance flights), we are happy to accommodate your benevolent desire to create a healthier atmosphere and will include native to our region, mostly deciduous trees into a dual purpose woodland.

Under our management, plants will form a vegetation guild, a new kind of ecological habitat that effectively sequesters carbon on a perpetual basis, also acting as either edible plants or hosts to such plants, fungi or animal species (both wild and domesticated), that collectively represent a highly productive alternative to an ecological agriculture in a conventional sense.

Symbiontic Food Provision

We call this scheme Symbiontic Food Provision, the name referring to the grade of sensitivity we humans manage the land, becoming symbionts of the habitat ourselves. We will not break the ground to cultivate any conventional crops like grains or fiber plants, and throughout the entire sustainable land management and food growing-processing system there will be no machines employed. We believe that machines would contribute to a breakage in the energetic/spiritual flow between the growing foodstuffs and their consumers.

In order to gain a fuller image of what these carbon-sink woodlands will look like, imagine a forest garden-like multi-story habitat, where (semi-)extensive animal rearing and wilderness are integrated into each other harmoniously. This provides habitat for more game, and in turn, allows for hunting as well.

Symbiontic Food Provision as a carbon sink is the ultimate in holistic ecological existence, where food production is but one of the countless benefits of the same dynamic environment. It opens a whole new era in times when the green revolution has brought the Earth to the brink of collapse.

We are spearheading a reversal of processes that allow the Earth to flourish!

Start offsetting your carbon footprint with us at the price of €10 per tree.

Purchase a single, native sapling below, or modify the quantity at checkout to plant as many trees as you wish for the Earth.


Contact us at to order trees in bulk.


Plant Trees – for Businesses

Please, refer to the presentation of Symbiontic Food Provision above, to find out some details as to where your trees will go and what else they will provide besides sequestration of greenhouse gases.

At this scale of reforestation, we offer multi-hundred to thousands of largely deciduous native tree and shrub plants to be planted on our newer and newer private land acquisitions. We make sure that all used species pass a thorough scrutiny of their native status in our region dating back at least to the end of the last ice age, or even to the interglacial period prior to that.

Propagation material is hand selected and cared for by ourselves, the Magyar family.

Should you wish to sink your carbon with us, we are most happy to work with you on a continuous basis, for many years to come.

Let us grow together!