plastic swipes
cash register beeps
we fall far too easily
for objects we do not need
more stuff
more plastic
more things
to fulfill a void – a need
a rosy perception flows into the stream
the stream of life once flowed with fish
now that is a fleeting wish
flip-flops flap and swim in the seas
floating deep into the bellies of diving fish
who put that there?
who even cares?
one time use and done
a throwaway culture we have become
the most dangerous species on Earth
we toss in our sleep
not thinking of the damage we have done
dreaming of our unfulfilled desires
begging to be born
more, faster, now, not later,
or not at all
it is our choice to pollute
I want
I need
I desire
are three very distinct things
alarm bells ring
our world is becoming plasticated
defying Nature’s basic needs
do we need
things in streams?
do we want more plastic
in our dreams?
everything flows together
life is water
water flows in and out of life
plastic bottles
plastic bags
plastic shoes
plastic clothes
plastic toys
broken bits of plastic
now create the flow
of a modern plastistream
coming soon to a waterway near you!

Written and recorded by Cheryl Magyar

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