Be the #sustainablechange – Poetry inspired by the environment

poetry inspired by the environment

Poems are strings of words
with hidden meanings.
Gently whisper the sounds
of handwritten thoughts
and they come to life
upon your very breath.
Be careful of the messages you speak,
they will echo for generations to come,
and they may just come true…

Poetry inspired by the environment expresses overflowing feelings in carefully curated words, creating conceptualized thoughts that feed our yearning souls. And if you long to be in nature, to co-create a sustainable life with the environment in mind, then you have found the right space to glean inspiration from.

As time progresses, we’ll be sharing our poetic words and voices from the Forest, the Creek and the Meadow. Click on each poem to hear it recited by the author.

Rustlings from the Forest – Roland


Babbles from the Creek – Csermely

I don’t fear wind

Flutterings from the Meadow – Cheryl

One Green Leaf
as mermaids weep
What’s for dinner?

We encourage you to write your own poetry inspired by the environment to get in touch with your natural side once again. Take it as a chance to get outside and explore your surroundings, observe the trees, forage for wild plants and rediscover the land we came from, and still belong to.

If you dream about a better future here on Earth, write it down in verse and share it far and wide.

Be the #sustainablechange

Sustainability starts at home, so take action when you are feeling deeply inspired, and please share your eco poems with us on Instagram, tag us @forestcreekmeadows using #sustainablechange

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