Rewilding yourself is not only necessary, it is urgent

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In your wildest dreams… Right?

Now is the time to consider your dream the reality. It’s time for this new reality of your wildest dreams.

You need to imagine yourself into it, until, one seamless moment, you wake up in it.

Because wild/feral is all there is around you… and deep inside of you.

Time has arrived to reunite with the universal, cosmic flow, pulse and hum. To meld yourself into the eternal, beautiful and benevolent shapeshifting that life-following-life is. Of course, you can’t help but do so – you might say… And I am extremely happy to hear that.

There is an art to it, however, to voluntarily, willfully and joyously do so. With ease, on top of all.

What better way to come out of a crumbling world than as your renewed self, already acting in a renewed dream world?!

It all should perhaps begin with imagining yourself into a robust-as-a- beast’s kind of health. In body, mind and spirit. Then move on.

While rewilding yourself it’s okay to tremor…

Of cold, that shakes you back into a highly attuned existence – not of any fear anymore.

Of fever, purifying and purging as it may be – not by the implicit guilt of complacently complying.

Of love, for yourself, and the whole animate Earth, unconditioned – no longer of frustration over compromises.

Of exhilaration, in a wildly curious partake in the unfolding of life – never due to a mad drive to annihilate.

Rewilding yourself also means rewilding your thoughts

This will invariably bring peace to the world. The Universe cares about you, as long as you respect its wild laws. And the emphasis is on care, not on laws.

You have access to all those laws in a heartbeat, anyway. If you learn to open your heart. Let your heart be smitten by the tiniest – it may just turn out to be much greater than the most auspicious deed you have ever celebrated.

But, hey, we live under the magic spell of fractals, which means that large is also welcome when it is on order. So, dare dream big without flinching!

Rewilding yourself is taming your spirit to selflessness

Wild is uproar, at times when uproar is called upon. Yet, it would be a grave mistake to reduce the concept of feral to a violent and uncontainable protest.

Because, more often than not, wild is calm, caring and extremely gentle.

Rewilding yourself teaches you patience, a great deal of that. Think of the crocodile waiting a whole year in the swamp, before it can feast again, possibly. An awe-inspiring example of stellar endurance.

Rewilding your creativity

It shouldn’t catch you by any surprise that wilderness is infinitely creative in that dual sense of producing tirelessly, and of adequate or superadequate sophistication. This is your blueprint too, in rewilding yourself.

Amidst your creations forget not that every material embodiment of creation has an equally significant energetic field attached, which means that if you create, it better be soul-filled wholesome work (of art) that mirrors a superior, conscious state of mind and spirit. Be spirited!

Rewilding yourself means participating in this co-creation

Further on, wild is ever so sensuous and tactile, participatory. You have to accept mingling with, on equal bases, when rewilding yourself.

Sensuousness brings up the image, the omnipresent image of vibrant sensuality in nature. Although you would never justly be able to regard it promiscuity. It is reserved to the initiated only. It does not impose or flaunt, it does not campaign aggressively for attention and appreciation.

All that said, wilderness is certainly not prudish. It is fully aware and holds on proudly to the expressions of its sacred sexuality. So should you.

Rewild your soul

Rewilding yourself means not breaking the dam of withheld curses and swear words anymore. Rather drying up such putrid retention basin with the antiseptic power of the loving Sun, or neutralizing its toxins with the purity of rain and snow. Expose yourself, therefore, in all dimensions!

Relearn humility by rewilding yourself.

In the end, trust that the Universe has already granted you all that you wish to fill in the blanks with when stating: “I am…

Now, given the world’s status today and all the arguments above, you have to realize just how decisively important, and also how undelayably urgent it is to return to your mother Gaia and embrace each-other, Her and you, with a relentless, wild love.

So let it be…

Some tips to rewild yourself more effectively

  • go sit under a charismatic tree – most of them are, for different reasons, some are just more attuned to having you in their private sphere
  • take a dip in a cold lake or creek – one of the best groundings you will find
  • walk barefoot in dewy grass, in wet clay – laugh if you happen to fall, the Earth is beckoning
  • notice and befriend rocks for their attachment to a place and respect that – buy yourself a piece of land in the countryside
  • take your family on frequent walks in nature with wide-open hearts and minds – but stay as quiet as possible, you will be able to observe more that way
  • progressively, shed anything from your life that is antagonistic to nature – natural health, natural beauty, natural processes
  • start intuitively feeling for answers instead of thinking them up – heart over mind
  • breathe more and more consciously – clean fresh air, energy and light that our planet and the stars emanate

Get out there and begin to rewild yourself! Other wildlings will follow suit.

Roland Magyar

Passionate rewilder, who lives outside of the world of compromises.

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