(re)connecting to the land

(re)awakening your senses

(re)wilding your spirit

(re)newing your sense of gratitude for living on Earth

Do you feel a distant longing to be outside? A distinctive pull to go where you are not?

Have you been feeling the uncomfortable presence of a forced online energy that is beyond your control?

If you nodded yes to any of these questions, you are not alone, though you may feel like it in the moment.

Although some may proclaim that the internet has brought us together, in many ways it has ripped us apart. It has torn up our roots and re-pixelated them into something of an avatar with the addition of a few sentences to describe where we are from, or where we hope to be going.

The online world is a fragmented reality which can only attempt to describe our lives as human beings. But it can never capture our true emotions or calculate our unmeasurable feelings.

What we need is more nature in our lives.

If and when you come to the realization that the online world is too narrow to fully express yourself, we invite you to visit our neck of the woods, in Breb, Romania, for a (re)workshop.

Our (re)workshops are custom-tailored just for you.

The (re) part is dedicated to whatever you want to work on, whatever you want to experience, whatever brings you joy.

We’ll be here to meet your needs halfway with an expertise that collectively expands more than 40 years of living a simpler life close to nature.

Depending on the time of year (usually May-October) your (re)workshop can include activities of grounding, walking barefoot, cold creek bathing, forest bathing, organic gardening, foraging and mindful meditation.

It can also include practical approaches to homesteading, such as canning and preserving, learning to cook over a wood fire, cutting and chopping wood by hand.

A (re)workshop can also be quiet time spent together underneath the trees down by the creek, listening to the sounds of nature (without any technology at all!).

In each 3-hour (re)workshop…

You’ll have the chance to ask as many questions as you like, or none at all, should you prefer to listen.

Simply sit and observe what is going on in nature, reflecting on a life lived at a slower pace – so you can once again begin to feel what is important in your life.

We’ll converse, we’ll sip herbal tea, we’ll dine on some baked snacks.

Most of all, we’ll be out in nature together (weather permitting) feeling what is in store for the day.

Consider it a digital-detox of sorts, one that can easily be extended beyond three hours.

Ask yourself:

Why do I feel the need to slow down: What in the modern world makes me feel so stressed? Why have I allowed myself to become so distanced from nature?

Be honest with yourself and let the answers really sink deep into your heart.

Once you are aware of how you feel, reach out and book a session with us (Cheryl, Csermely and Roland).

(re)Workshop details

While not too much in this world is certain at the moment, especially travel-wise, we can guarantee that we’ll be here for you, provided you contact us at least 5 days in advance if you are traveling from abroad.

If you are already here in Breb, approximately 24-hours notice would be nice!

Send an email to info@forestcreekmeadows.com with your inquiry (travel dates and workshop interests) and we’ll reply as soon as we are able. Or call (+40) 756319110.

Morning or afternoon workshops are available. For a single person, all the way up to a group of 10.

Cost: 300 RON per 2 guests.

A 3-hour workshop includes tea, snack and conversation with the three of us.

Join our 2024 (re)workshops and relax into a slower way of life inspired by nature.

Come and join us for a (re)workshop in Breb, Romania!