Sustainable Clarity Workshops

Grab clarity

Do you desire to experience clarity in living a sustainable life?

You see, what is true and truly important, is outside of the visible or the audible realm. It all has to do, instead, with those gut-type feelings we often refer to as intuition. Acknowledged or dismissed, it is with us in all of our awake hours and perhaps throughout our sleep too.

As intuitive people ourselves, between the three of us combined, having gathered at least four decades of consciousness awakening and applying our earthly awareness on a day-to-day basis, we are here to expedite your reach to the universe via your innate intuition.

Touch the Earth with Sustainable Clarity Workshops

What better way to soak up the knowledge of how to live sustainably than in person, with down-to-earth, worthy-of-your-trust company.

Our Sustainable Clarity Workshops are geared toward those of you, who are practical in character, learning best from real-life situations, through all your senses.

It’s like this: your type of people, when needing a shaman’s help to see you through your difficulties, you want to meet that seer in person, on her/his own grounds, where she/he is the most embedded and at one with the elements. You tend to seek such help in flesh-and-blood person, rather than online, using the aid of technology, considering technology an experience muddling medium, that might even give way to more self-doubt.

While we are here, for the right person, online as well, we absolutely honor and, frankly, might even prefer it more ourselves too, the face-to-face coaching over a meal.

Become native again, with us

Conscious native of the Earth, that is.

We will re-root your de-rooted senses, plant them into the earthen, the fire- and waterworks, as well as show you what it means to soar free-spiritedly, enjoying the open air.

We put your consciousness through to the Universe. So you can come out of the amnesia of the university and the city.

When one on one is three for one

For as long as you need, whether they are 3 days or 9, in multiples of three, because three is a magical number, we’ll spend 3 hours + 3 hours together daily, with a shared paleo lunch in between.

Activity outlook for Sustainable Clarity Workshops

Before you arrive to Breb, our small village in the mountains of northern Romania, we’ll have aided in helping you find accommodation, for by now, there is plenty to choose from.

Daily activities of the Sustainable Clarity Workshops start at our house at 9 o’clock sharp, followed by a liberal lunch break where we dine together, enjoying our home-cooked, hearty, energy rich lunch. Meals will always be gluten-free and honoring varied animal-origin ingredients as key – in our belief – to a physically and spiritually wholesome nourishment, rounded off with some herbal teas, lovingly foraged with our own hands.

With or without time off, we are flexible here, our activity, always physical and spiritual in character at once, workshops will resume for other 3 hours. The evenings are yours (and ours) to contemplate, each enjoying our privacy.

Value received

With Sustainable Clarity Workshops you are to receive a unique and lasting experience each and every day, with intuitive responses to questions and tasks on hand, while working and talking through seasonal “earth-stead” jobs.

These will naturally vary with the four seasons we enjoy here including and by no means limited to:

  • preparing a no-dig garden for the growing season or going into the winter;
  • foraging in the wild for health-supporting herbs and culinary plant parts;
  • processing firewood by hand, using hand tools for cooking and heating, harnessing fire’s evocative power;
  • planning and laying down the bases of a sustainable homestead in the countryside;
  • tending to animals, wild and domesticated, as the opportunities arise, for instance beekeeping, raising poultry;
  • sustainable personal hygiene and natural house cleaning options;
  • involving children in embracing and holding on to universal love through play and work, the creative combination of those two;
  • acquiring artisanal/artistic skills and tools, via sustainable clothing and footwear design – you are encouraged to bring your own sustainable fibers and fabrics to work with alongside us, dreaming up a new piece of garment in need…

How each of these activities relate to Earth, will be of the utmost importance in our reflections.

While we do give responses as they spontaneously “bubble up”, so to speak, from our intuition, they might not always be full answers to the questions under debate.

Our greatest gift and answer to you with Sustainable Clarity Workshops is the path to simple, sustainable living.

What we can guarantee, is that you will be equipped with a holistic approach to a sustainable lifestyle:

  • emotive affinities
  • an open mindset to assume nature’s mentality
  • a revolutionary behavioral pattern to follow suit with every decision-making and action
  • self-empowerment through a redeemed intuition

By the end of your stay you will be able to claim that you can never in the future start or get involved in any activity without discerning the deep physical-spiritual impact of that on our Mother Earth.

Benign is great, but beneficial to the planet, our extended self, is the goal.

How much does it cost?

Payment is set based on three-day terms.

A minimum of 3-day period is required in commitment, while the maximum stay we can handle is a 9-day period with intermittent day-breaks, something to be settled at the beginning of your stay.

Workshop fee: €1500 for 3 days (€500/day/per person)

We kindly ask for a 50% non-refundable security deposit upon signing up and securing your spot on our calendar.

Any started, yet – by your decision – unfinished three-day term we are not financially liable for and thank you for understanding that our prices above are non-negotiable. Payment is due in full before or at your arrival via PayPal, direct bank transfer or in cash, respectively.

Beyond monetary value

You see, we do value longer commitments, because we know from our own experience, that a paradigm shift in mind, body and spirit, takes dedication. And this dedication takes sufficient time to instill holistically, into our behavior, ethics, emotional affinities. Patience, however pays off. For the benefit of all.

Patience leads to love. And sustainability feeds off of an all-encompassing love. It is this universal love we will shed light on, that one should be aspiring for.

How to contact us

To sign up for to our Sustainable Clarity Workshops with any amount of 3-day terms, as discussed above, please send us your email request to: