Sustainable Life Design for Intellectual Introverts

Sustainable Life Design for Intellectual Introverts

It’s not always easy to ask questions if you are the quiet one.

And it isn’t always easy to find a mentor who understands your long and drawn-out thoughtful silence.

Perhaps there is a modern solution to overcome these social “shyness” barriers and learn how to become a better human being at the same time.

You love to read, and to write, right?

Me too.

Do you have a computer and the creative ability to express yourself in words?

Good, let’s chat-text on Skype then, and you’ll have a dedicated sustainable life designer to help you discover your passion for living a simple life, closer to nature!

I have one hour set aside for you each week. Feel free to ask anything you need/want to know about living a plastic-free, chemical-free, gluten-free, guilt-free, simple life.

With a 3-month commitment I will help you navigate the winding, difficult and abundant journey to living with less, all the while treating the Earth with the respect that she deserves. It is a constant challenge to live differently than the mass consuming society, but I’ve already crossed the point of no return and I am unwilling to be the ideal consumer that I once was.

I will help you turn into that intuitive eco-conscious soul too!

A sustainable life is about making the right choices, the ones that are fantastic for you, and the ones that are wonderful for the environment.

In the course of 12 weeks, we will chat-text and discuss everything you need to know about living a sustainable life.

Our timeline of chat-texting is not set in stone, but it goes something like this:

  1. Introduction – sustainable journeys, where you are at, where you want to be
  2. Ecological mindset – alternatively, we can refer to it as nature’s mentality
  3. Minimalism – with the Earth in mind
  4. Uncluttering – mind, body, emotional life, work life, household
  5. Plastic-free
  6. Chemical-free – removing makeup, perfume and scented candles from your life
  7. Digital detoxing – make sure it is a weekly thing!
  8. Suburban vs. rural living
  9. Agriculture and organic food provision
  10. Ecological wardrobe
  11. Sustainable work/life balance
  12. Conclusion – your turn to help others shift the paradigm!

We can discuss topics as they come up, pair some together, toss some out, add some in – it is up to you and your innermost interests.

Your incredible strength is in your quietude. When you rediscover the ability to listen with an open heart and a conscious mind, then you can make positive and impactful changes in the development of a sustainable future.

Our sustainable life design services are for anyone and everyone who cares deeply for the environment, but who also needs a gentle push to make those most difficult and lasting changes that lead to a brighter destiny. We are looking forward to guiding people who are past their “whys” and in the thick of “hows”.

Sustainable Life Design for Intellectual Introverts is for the quieter crowd, for those not desiring a face-to-face live video session.

It is for those creative people who need a few moments to formulate their thoughts into a longer series of meaningful questions and answers.

It is for those who do not like to be rushed in their thoughts.

It is for the calm/quiet/shy/empath beings who prefer writing and reading over speaking.

If your goal is to live in harmony with nature, then hiring a sustainable living coach will immensely change your life – and at a much faster rate than you ever thought possible. You need someone to be there by your side, to help you navigate the many “eco” choices out there, and trust me, there is plenty of greenwashing going on in big “green” business.

You must be willing to go out on your own, at your own pace, with your own eco-ethics – be ready to embrace self-reliance and make some of your own clothing, grow a portion of your own food or learn how to shop for ingredients responsibly, cook at home. See the theme here?

Sustainability starts at home.

There is absolutely no other way around climate change, environmental degradation and plastic pollution.

You are the answer to the betterment of future life on Earth. Everything you do today impacts life tomorrow.

Are you ready to become the exceptional, intuitive eco-conscious being that you are meant to be?

If you are passionate about the environment, let’s chat!

In the first instance you can email me, Cheryl, directly at magyarcheryl {at} gmail dot com

Let me know a little something about yourself: name, age, location, availability for Skype sessions and Why you are interested in Sustainable Life Design for Intellectual Introverts. I can’t wait to read your story!

If you want to get in on my eco-chat-action sessions, please note that I only take a maximum of 4 clients a month.

We’ll Skype for 1 hour each week on a schedule which we set together. There will be follow-up emails after each session.

There is no need to wait until the beginning of any month, I take new clients on a rolling basis, so email me when you are ready to join!

After 12 weeks of communicating across borders, you will have the confidence and knowledge to make essential eco-conscious choices for your life and business.

What are you waiting for? The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is today!


Prices for Skype mentoring – Sustainable Life Design for Intellectual Introverts:

€750 per month for a 3-month commitment.

If paid in full before our great work begins, the amount is reduced to €2000 for the entire 3 months (12 weeks of Skype sessions plus follow-ups).

Payment by Direct Bank Transfer after our initial email correspondence.


If you would prefer a single session of Sustainable Life Design for Intellectual Introverts, to dip your fingers into an hour long workout of designing your own sustainable life, then please click the payment option below and we will shortly schedule a time that works well for both of us. Choose a topic to chat about from the list above, or let the conversation unfold naturally… your life, your choice!


Investing in yourself is an investment in the future. Become conscious of the way that you live, so that your kids, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will behold a better, cleaner, more beautiful Earth than the one that exists now.


About Cheryl – the Meadow

Cheryl has been been living simply for far more than a decade, and at moments (3+ years) in life she has lived out of a backpack with her husband and daughter in Scotland, England and Romania. Her formal education is in horticulture, though it is life experience that keeps her looking ahead for a sustainable future. As a homesteader, gardener, forager, cook, slow traveler, hiker and proud introvert, her knowledge and immeasurable experience in simple living is yours for the asking!

Sustainable Life Designer - Cheryl.



The weekly Skype sessions with Cheryl are simply inspiring! It is like chatting with an old friend, or a long lost pen pal, who has the sensitive wisdom to live lightly on the Earth. Her eco-living tips are practical and achievable, at the same time she challenges you to be a better human: consuming less and living more! – Sarah, California