Sustainable Lifestyle Design Services

Ready? Set! Slow…

…is our mantra as sustainable lifestyle designers’ – for good reason.

And even if you haven’t quite slowed down yet to the pace of experiencing the ecological life you desire, you have shifted paradigm and you do have the matching desires, don’t you? That’s what truly matters!

As sustainable lifestyle mentors we have great news for you: the fulfillment of your ecologically conscious and conscientious life related desires are not only possible, but can be amazingly near. In other words we can show you how to quickly slow down, and effectively guide you beyond, where you don’t just contemplate change, but are yourself the sustainable change. To no recognition of and no return to your former self. All for the better.

You must have the understanding that in order to live in continuous, fully aware presence – while enjoying a well-balanced, healthy body – you ought to allow the kind of time it takes for meaningful, deep relations to form and flourish between yourself and everything else. This requires slowing down and not only that: quieting down enough, in all senses of the word, to hear, to appreciate and heed your reawakening dormant intuition.

Sustainable living is an intuitive experience.

And you see this being necessarily true. As your mentors we can put you through to those gut instincts and you’ll learn how to never lose the tight bond, the oneness with your intuition; like our distant ancestors did, possibly until they invented writing and this – as a positive feedback loop effect – created a gradually widening and by today gaping divide between reasoning and feeling. Literacy and its spread throughout the millennia could, in fact, have caused a self-reflecting mind to hear itself back over and over again, trumping direct experiences with the other-than-human environment, to the point it came to think and believe it was alone in representing the human against(?!) the world.

This, of course, is a huge misconception when we feel otherwise: that we are one with the world, one with the universe, no distinction.

So the wisdom it takes to be able to distinguish ecologically right from morally wrong, and act accordingly, is of crucial importance to allow an unconditioned and uncompromised respect to take hold toward us, the living Earth.

Being sustainable life design mentors to you, bringing 40 years of combined intuitive experience to work, we’ll facilitate you in your accelerated advancement to taking Earth’s side and securely staying there, all the while fulfilling our common dreams – yours and ours – of living in harmony with nature. At one with it.

To give you a random practical example, when you discover of a native wild plant that it benefits you greatly, even if you don’t learn it’s common name, just implant it deep and intimately into your life. Start using it in abundance, not as a seldom-remembered spice, but as an adequately significant portion of your diet. Make a salad, stew it, drink it frequently as pleasure infusion, make a healing tincture of it if applicable. You’ll soon form a life-long  kinship with that plant, and then the other, and the next. Pretty soon you’ll feel like your life takes place on a dense carpet woven of food – literally. How liberating that feeling is! Imagine!

Talking about plants that grow in the wild… You need to be growing in the wild as well. You must leave (sub)urbia if you haven’t yet – because heaven is outside of it. And you too should live in this haven, side by side with all that’s feral. For that you need to undomesticate yourself. It takes moving into and embracing new comfort zones. Altruistic ones.

We are stating these as indisputable necessities to give you heads-up about the bases of our later conversations and your forthcoming future.

Like ourselves, you’ll become a shapeshifter too and we guarantee that you will soon enjoy not only the foreground in the mirror, but the backdrop too.

Benefits of hiring us as sustainability coaches:

  • Gain confidence to make eco-wise decisions
  • Become a leader/role model to inspire future generations
  • Remove feelings of guilt and remorse as you step into positive sustainable changes
  • Benefit the Earth with a deeper understanding of how we are all connected
  • Increase your love for nature through awareness and quiet contemplation
  • Strengthen your business/household as you consciously produce less and gain more

These are only some of the greatest values you get to keep, and keep for good, when you choose us as your green living experts.

Let’s get to work:

Our 2-on-1 services are exclusive in the sense that we work with only 2 clients at any given time at this level.

We ask you to commit to a 3-month contract, after all, to make lasting change you need to practice, ask questions and receive feedback.

This Sustainable Lifestyle Design package includes 2 hours of Zoom or Whereby conversations per week, divided into 1 hour sessions, coming to a total of 8 hours a month.

That’s 24 hours of continuous talk in 3 months!

If you are a single participant, you will receive our undivided attention on each chat.

If you are a couple with children (or without), brothers, sisters, friends – the price is the same as for one, plus you have plenty to talk about when our sessions are over.

If you are a family with children, we encourage them to pop into the conversations where applicable, and our daughter Csermely will do the same – to provide her inspirations as a child living a simpler life.

Price of the 2-on-1 Sustainable Lifestyle Design sessions:

€2,500/month for a 3-month commitment

If paid in full by direct bank transfer, the 3 months of Sustainable Life Design costs €6,000.

To apply for our sustainable lifestyle design coaching, please download our questionnaire below, fill it out in full and full-genuinely, email it to us at info at forestcreekmeadows dot com and we’ll promptly get back to you, so you can start crafting your dream future.

Sustainable Lifestyle Design Questionnaire

Ready to live a sustainable life? These sustainable life designers will guide you along the way!