Sustainable Steps – How to take air in

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Sustainable Steps – How to take air in

Undoubtedly, air is our most vital element of life – and quality air at that. Breathing is for free, yes, but taking quality, clean air in is more and more of a commodity you must buy into. If you are lucky, you can find it cheap enough too, but it comes with remoteness. That’s the trade-off.

Remoteness, however comes with a huge set of benefits, which are timeless, but especially valuable in modern-day life’s tense chaos, allegedly streamlined, made easy by technology. In reality, however, technology further complicates things and takes control over our own lives out of our hands and puts it into the hands of the remote many “specialists”.

So, remote life with its benefits, towards the top of which blows the clean air, is not for everyone, but it is for anyone not faint of heart. For those ready to shake off the frustrating sense of dependency.

Where the air is still clean, roads tend to be muddy, rocky, uneven – but unpaved, to be sure. Plastic has hard time climbing up here, but it provenly can (even to Chomolungma), so its climb should not be encouraged. Natural materials on the other hand are close, very close indeed: they are natives like clay, rocks in several different fractions, wood with various degrees of hardness and flexibility – all at arm’s reach.

As if stardust was even denser in these places: you can connect with all celestial bodies and phenomena with a much greater ease, free of light pollution, white noise, synthetic smells and other distractions from what is truly important.

If you wish to partake in a calm adventure for the rest of your life, seek out such a remote place for your home, for your new roots, for a rejuvenated spirit that dies young at exceptionally old age too.

And whatever you add of your own to this clean air, let those things be as clean as placid thoughts!

How much is clean air worth for you?

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