Sustainable Steps – Earthen yourself

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Sustainable Steps – Earthen yourself

We left the earth as last, but not least one of the basic elements: after all, while you are pondering at the sky, over a glass of water and by the fire, you are resting your feet, bottom, back or belly on this very tangible, dynamic yet reliably constant medium, which is the earth. The most tangible, yet perhaps the most unappreciated of all.

We know you are different though.

You keep yourself pure, keep your soil pure, so that one day, in one form or another, you can reunite in that purity.

With that ancient-most kind of recognition of oneness with the earth, you tend to it tenderly, respecting its deep wise skin, skin that is so vulnerable nonetheless. And you are aware. You never offend it, never make unnecessary incisions in this fabric. You are very mindful in how you adorn it to your needs (functional and aesthetic), so it pleases all of your desires with such subtlety, that is only distinguishable from a similar place that is uninhabited by humans, for the discerning few.

Earth is native, the most native of all, including our migrant, nomadic selves. It must greatly enjoy its native qualities and, should it speak out louder – so we all can hear and understand –, it would pledge by the virtues of its own native dynamics, no alterations to be made. Its tacit tolerance should not be mistaken for forgetfulness or ignorance. It is a watchful earth who respects in direct proportion to the respect it receives. In other words, it’s no one’s bitch to exploit. It is objective.

It is objective yet benevolent, like the whole of the universe. Think of the horseradish it can grow so lavishly, that makes into a garnish so extraordinarily pungent in its spice that it therapeutically blows your mind straight into the wide universe and back, in a bite. And those cherries growing above…

The sage, the rabbit eating it, you devouring the rabbit like a sage – all grace to its, the earth’s, benevolence.

Go all out: earth bare foot and build your very own earthen home. Eat, drink clay. Earthen yourself. It’s the return to the native.

Tell us something about your intimate relationship with the earth.

Roland Magyar

Passionate rewilder, who lives outside of the world of compromises.

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