Sustainable Steps – Water sourcing

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Sustainable Steps – Water sourcing

Following air, the next most important life-supporting element, arguably, is water.

Finding it is an art, not to be taken for granted or lightly. We are living in sophisticated times when less and less things are what they appear. Invite intuition to your help and take advantage of dowsing for a clean, happy water source that is sufficiently abundant, at the same time, to sustain you (as a holistic you, including all animate beings coexisting in and around you) in wellness.

Once you found it, cherish it like your life depends on it – because it does. This comes with great respect and you cannot slack it. Ever!

Daylight it or not, energize it, dynamize it – you decide, but never adulterate it. Do not cut corners with its handling.

Pipes should be the shortest possible, because not even water likes captivity. Make the pipes of inert, non-synthetic materials, including fittings and sealers (like hemp tow), from source to tail end.

Allow only organic materials get in contact with water, that come from the earth and did not involve other than thermal treatment in their production. But careful with those organic matters too: their concentration in the water must be well within the self-restorative capacity of the waterflow or waterbody. It is up to your intuitive powers to recognize the respectful limit of all times, that is to be saluted from this side. Ask the water, not some instruments!

Tap into the feeling of oneness with the water, whether it comes from the sky to sooth your hot skin, to put a lukewarm touch of uniqueness on your cold face in form of a playfully tickling snowflake, or whether it is running through your tubular organs, as the carrier of the solids and gases, from the air ducts of your lungs, through your blood vessels and on to your intestines.

You are what you drink.

Remember: what you add to your water, will find its way back to your lips! So, it better be gratitude.

How are you expressing gratitude to the animate water you drink?

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