Sustainable Workstyle Design for Businesses

My service…

Sustainable Workstyle Design for Businesses is a sustainability consultancy service for businesses.

Yet it is nothing any business owner would have done before!

Instead of checking your company off on a list of metrics standardized by (inter)governmental agencies or international watchdog institutions, with my, Roland Magyar’s Sustainable Workstyle Design for Businesses service you will have to measure up to your heart! And that may be hard. I offer myself as your effective professional catalyst and together we will put the issue of sustainability into an emotional, therefore very human and organic framework, into your green business.

I am here to help breed a new generation of leading entrepreneurs with previously unparalleled sustainable business ethics, flowing with the Earth’s dynamics – not with mainstream.

On your request and account, I will take a green journey (if at all possible ground travel, with embedded ecological alternatives) to your company headquarters as a “fly-in” agent, spend there, observing and recording the current stage of your “greenness”, as many days as it takes (1 to 5), depending on the case complexity.

Following the data recording, in situ I will intuitively process my findings into an exhaustive set of recommendations. This will be a clear and ruthlessly honest, but always constructive criticism, honed to your best interests as a new leader in sustainable enterprise. The suggestions will come from heart to heart – keep that in your soul.

Whenever the circumstances call for, I much prefer including into the same Sustainable Workstyle Design for Businesses coaching package one or two follow-up check-ins online and/or in person, fostering a caring relationship between the two parties, akin to well-working friendships. I am flexible.

My clients…

Similar to myself, are kindred intransigent spirits, who indeed feel the spiritual affiliation, the inseverable bond to the Earth. They refuse to think in terms of compromises and accept the fact that the term “more sustainable” is a farce. They delude not themselves into being sustainable, until that shines through crystal clear for the entire business operation, top-to-bottom, inside and out-, in a space-time context, as an explicit expression of oneness with the Earth.

My rates…

My rates are in par with your highest expectations in effectively manifesting and outwardly communicating your commitment to sustainability. Please accept the fact that these rates will necessarily vary on a case-by-case basis.

Your benefits…

  • Become the standard setter for ecologically conscious businesses in your industry
  • Have your [business name] = {sustainability}
  • Benefit from a super-thorough sustainability audit that does not leave any leaf unterned
  • Transform previous weaknesses into eternal assets while practicing business as unusual
  • Be unique
  • Let animism inspire all your decision-making, from bottom line up

My contact…

Email your Sustainable Workstyle Design for Businesses coaching service request to me, Emil Roland Magyar to info[at], so we can get a better feel for each other via an online consultation, then schedule a visit to you.