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How to live sustainably

How to live sustainably

It seems to be a question asked by more and more of us, ordinary people and experts of the topic alike: how to live sustainably in an ever-changing world? The happenings of modern everyday life bring it up and have us regurgitate it with ever […]

3 ways to embrace nature as a family in a busy world

3 ways to embrace nature as a family in a busy world

Busy is as busy does – and these days, life is busy all over the place, which leaves us with very few hours in the day to fully embrace nature. From the moment our dreams are abruptly ended by the sound of the alarm, as […]

What does a sustainable life designer do?

What does a sustainable life designer do?

We are consumers, we are creators, and we are doers.

We, humans, are here to survive on Earth, and to thrive is but a dream for many of us. There is always something more that we want or need, but the real truth is that we are taught to “want” more than we need.

And problems arise when too much stuff floods our homes, leaks into our garages, and out into storage spaces. For years and years people will cling onto the thought that they must keep everything. “I paid for it, I earned it…” is a phrase that commonly appears when dealing with possessions.

The former you wanted those things. The new you doesn’t need them.

Maybe you are only just finding out that the minimalist-essentialist journey is for you.

Perhaps you learned about overconsumption the hard way – dealing with the excess belongings from the death of a loved one. Maybe you’ve always been one to live with less, but feel obligated to keep up with the fast pace of society.

And sometimes you may feel stuck exactly where you are, with everything that you own, and aren’t quite sure what sustainable steps to take so that you can help create a brighter future for life on our planet. You can imagine a world with much less, to no, pollution, much less, to no, dubious plastic and happier, healthier people all around the globe, yet there is no one to hold you accountable for your decisions, actions, and no one to ask questions from when you are confused with the many “eco” choices out there…

Plausably, you might have already shifted paradigm, to that of living at one with nature, but have no connection yet to the tangible, palpable realms of carrying such a lifestyle out with all its intricacies, what’s more: in the shortest time possible, because you well realize that time, time is of essence at this turning point in human and Earth’s history. In other words, you so gladly would grab onto wise, experienced, practical advice for the future intuitive you…

That’s where a sustainable life designer comes in:

A sustainable life designer is someone who helps you organize your home, your emotions, thoughts, your belongings, even your work/life schedule – she or he helps you discover a certain kind of efficiency that is in alignment with how many hours you wish to work each week, along with how many hours you choose for relaxation, self-healing and family, all these essential matters in a fulfilling life.

A sustainable life designer examines your current living conditions and compares them to a life lived not only closer to, but in and with nature. The sustainable life mentor looks at efficiency and organization, just as much as it discusses the materials required for living – clothes, bookshelves, furniture, bedding, cosmetics, transportation, office supplies… She will discuss the consequences of overconsumption and plastic pollution, as well as suggest ways that you can change/modify your habits to make positive progress in the co-creation of a sustainable future. He will introduce you to nature’s mentality, so you can quickly pick it up and apply it too.

A sustainable life designer will...

In the pursuit of less, you may have already found yourself identifying with the minimalist movement. This is a great place to start if you want to embrace and absorb eco-principles into your life. And this is something that we should all want! A degrowth of sorts, if you will, to fit again into nature’s boundaries, so that once and for all, your lifestyle will also fit into one planet Earth by any kind of ecological footprint calculator – with a good margin.

What is wonderful for the future of the Earth is also good for you, what harms you is also bad for the Earth.

It is true that the Earth will be here long after we are gone, however, keep in mind, that is has long been here before us. We are but guests here and have no right to pollute it to pieces for our own wealth and greed. We have no good reason to ignorantly destroy what we do not understand. Nature has a way with winning, cooperation with her is the key to living, and loving, a sustainable life.

It is easy to fall for what we are taught in school as we are growing up. We put trust and faith into our parents’ words and conversations with other presupposed role-models, we want to obey and listen, but at a young age we do not realize that our caretakers and teachers are also influenced by corporations, big business and politics. They likely belong to the main stream that carries the most debris and hubris with it.

And right or wrong, our choices in life are often informed by the news, television and more recently, the internet.

The much we talk about the importance of taking a digital detox, once or twice a week when possible, the internet has been, and currently is, instrumental in fostering a global ecological consciousness movement. We have real-time access to raising backyard chickens, knitting patterns and thunderstorms heading our way – we can connect with like-minded people the world over with a single click.

Through a series of weekly Skype conversations with a sustainable life designer you will become acutely aware of the way you live, and how you (and your family) impact the land around you. With gentle guidance you can, and you will (if you haven’t yet), shift your ecological paradigm, learning how to respect the Earth, and your minimalist self at the same time.

Find the deep listeners, ones who are profoundly connected to nature, and learn all that you can from them – the success and survival of future generations is your story to write too.

Walk down the path to sustainability with us, we are glad to show you the way!


Digital Detox Challenge – 1 Week Without Facebook

Digital Detox Challenge – 1 Week Without Facebook

If you are anything like everybody else (okay, I am making a very broad generalization here) chances are pretty good that you have a Facebook account – and you check it daily. Am I right? Digital Detox Challenge. After a restful night’s sleep, hopefully with […]



My wife came up to me this morning – following some contemplative self-care minutes yesterday evening – and introduced a very welcome “a-ha!” realization of hers – which effectively means: ours. In this still young new year (it’s the beginning of April and we had […]

How to make a digital detox work for you

How to make a digital detox work for you

Technology has made its increasingly abundant and persistent appearance in the past decades – and many times it is all too easy to fall for the convenience and relative simplicity of its use. After all, there is a learned desire to stay connected at the push of a button…

Let’s start with the biggest digital time-consuming culprit – smart phones. Smart phones are portrayed as a “must have”, if you want to stay up-to-date with the rest of society.

But what if you don’t care about showing off the latest model, or downloading the latest app, or thumbing the next mind-numbing game? Or what if your phone ends up owning you, and you spend so much time on it that it is a source of stress and anxiety?

Do you feel that you are missing out on a meaningful life when you are constantly online? Answer that honestly and keep reading on.

In a world of beeps, alarms and push notifications it is reassuring to know that nature still knows what the perfect sense of quiet is. And if you walk long enough, and far enough, away from the busyness of the city, then you can find the soothing and restful undisturbed sounds of nature too.

Imagine the wind that rustles the leaves before a storm, the chatter of crickets at dusk, or the singing of song birds in the early morn…

If you ever find that the presence of social media is running your life, dictating your time spent online and occasionally making you a bit irritable – then a digital detox is in order, right now!

You can go about it in different ways, but the key to making a digital detox work for you, is to become inaccessible. When you can reach that stage of gadget-free solitude, then you can relax, unwind and restore yourself. Beyond everything, you need updates too.

You can look at creating quality screen-free time in three distinct stages.

Digital detox for beginners:

At this stage you may simply ask for an hour or two a day (early morning or before bed) with your phone turned off. Not muted, or with the volume lowered… Completely turned off and unreachable, as if you lost the virtual connection wandering into a vast forest. Keep in mind that even an hour of solitude and calm can be worth an entire night’s deep sleep.

Intermediate digital detox:

An entire weekend without your phone/laptop/iPad will help put your desire to constantly check your email at ease. Urgency is a fear to let go of – you are not missing a single thing online if you choose to take some time off. In fact, you may find yourself actively involved in a physical experience, with real people, which you can talk about and share when you return to the digital world.

Advanced digital detox:

With experience, you are ready for an entire week of a distraction-free retreat, candles optional. One of the best ways to recharge your own batteries is to roam out in the countryside and take a walk among the trees or in the knee-high grass. Go wild swimming and remember what it feels like to be human/animal again. Let go of the expectations to connect with others (and always be accessible!) and reconnect to the healing powers of the Earth instead. What better way to do it, than with like-minded company – as in a digital detox workshop?!

In the beginning, you may have some self-doubt, and want to check-in, just to make sure you are not missing out. It is a habit that needs to be broken and replaced with something much healthier for your mind, body and spirit.

The more time(s) you intentionally make space for a digital detox, the easier it gets.

Here’s how to make a digital detox work for you:

  1. Write down your goals and stick to them! If it is an entire weekend without FB, then make sure it is a 2 full days that you are logged out of your account, no cheating. If you want your bedroom to become a tech-free zone, then don’t take your phone to bed with you. Easier said than done, we know, but having goals makes it easier to stick to.
  2. Let people know ahead of schedule that you cannot be reached from “X” to “Y” time, only if absolutely necessary (this may depend on the length of your digital detox). You will answer your calls and emails when you return, and in the meantime you will be enjoying the company of yourself and others.
  3. It’s okay to feel bored. Digital detox is what it suggests, it is a form of withdrawal and your body needs time to readjust to a slower rhythm. Sit and do nothing, take a nap, read a book, cook a wholesome meal from scratch. Take the essential time to slow down and focus on self-care.
  4. Get outside – find fresh air, inhale, exhale, repeat. Discover a patch of healthy ground and take your shoes and socks off, hug a tree if it seems inviting… Do what you have to do to get closer to nature, be it in a public park, your backyard or garden, the beach or arboretum. You may or may not be alone, but you are far from online drama, and that is all what matters.

You may have the inclination to believe that it is far easier for adults, than children, to do a proper digital detox, though that is only true to some extent. For many grownups it is quite painful to be more than an arms reach distance from their smart device.

Naturally, kids have more distractions from electronics, namely school and sports, but digital devices are creeping even into classrooms and out onto the playing fields.

Electronics take away from the value of friendships and engaging communication that can be had with face-to-face contact. Think about how contagious laughter can be, it is an emotion that is hard to share via pictures and words, and yet, somehow, laughter is essential to life.

Digital detox is truly for anyone and everyone at any age, children included!

Kids do not need to be playing video games all day, just because they ask for, or demand them. If they fuss or get irritable when you take them away, that is but one sign of not being able to detach from a potentially harmful activity.

Devices cannot and should not replace human contact and attention. Do not use them as a full-time babysitter – just because it is a physically safe activity (as opposed to the perceived risk of climbing a tree), it doesn’t mean there is no danger lurking behind the screen.

So, gather your family members up and experience a digital detox together! It is guaranteed to be the most memorable time you have spent in ages.

How far, and for how long, are you willing to go without technology? We’d love for you to share your digital detox experiences in the comments below!

Download your copy of a Digital Detox Guide to Freedom right here!