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Tap in… Let’s play something. I’m in a playful mood…

Let’s play a free associations game…

Tapintat, for starters, is Hungarian for tact; tapasztalat means experience (of any kind), also in Hungarian. Forgive me for departing, like a beginner dancer from the “stove”, so to speak. My stove. Just so I wouldn’t step (or tap) over my own feet – taposni, by the way, happens to mean stepping on something in my mother tongue. But let us move on…

Taproot is a marvelous thing to have as it penetrates deeply into the soil, providing a fine anchor there. Tapas are many people’s favorite Spanish amuse-gueules. A tap is a lifeline of sort for the majority of the world, right? Be it water-, gas- or oil pipe mounted. Albeit some would vote for beer on tap. Any which way, it is something hard to forgo. Something that our well-being depends on – or so we think.

Let me taper it down to saying that good things happen around this short and sweet (or savory) word.

For ourselves in the family, multiple great experiences have emerged in the past two years or so, as we started tapping into the wor(l)d in a very physical sense.

First, we came across the so-called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT for short) within the realm of self-healing via energy medicine. We’ll talk about it in detail shortly both in this post and several other appearances to come on this site. Suffice it to mention now that it is a near-universal method of getting what you want from life, getting where you want to take your health, general well-being, your relationships, career success or your wealth.

As I’m writing this, I am listening to a great meditative handpan music that might bring you joy as well.

The reason I say this, is that, as of yesterday, we ourselves have become proud and overjoyed owners of a handpan percussion instrument, the newly trending type of drum, the sound of which is nothing short of mesmerizing. It sounds like a sensitive fusion of harp, piano and drum on one beautiful metal surface with dimples and bumps to – yes, tap on, tap in. It, guaranteed, takes you to fairyland and the next minutes fairies are dancing around your fingers and you with them.

We intend to share with you some evocative, inspirational moments playing our pan, in various possible ways, just let us practice a bit.

EFT tapping is something a lot less musical, very effective nonetheless.

We have just participated, for the second time at an Annual Tapping World Summit organized by the Ortners (sister and two brothers from the U.S. East Coast), featuring some of the most distinguished specialists in tapping, an event broken down into different areas of expertise, from good night’s sleep, through dealing with loss to reclaiming your power. It was great. We did hours and hours of tapping along with the hosts and it felt awesome.

You may wonder by now what on Earth we tap on…

Well, that’s a great thing to ask, because we are going to offer you lots of opportunities to do just that: Tapping in Nature, or rather for nature. In other words, helping you successfully establish a well-working relationship and deep kinship with our Mother Earth.

But to more closely answer your fair question, tapping happens with one, two or three fingers of either hand or both hands, on the hands and either side or both sides of your head and torso. There is a closer definition, however, which we’ll get into in another post, or place, here on ForestCreekMeadows.

For right now let’s just say that all of these tappings happen over rather well-defined points on several different meridians. These are considered acupressure points.

It is super-easy to learn and follow along with an expert like, for instance Brad Yates. He has hundreds of videos on Youtube, free to watch.

Is EFT tapping a strange technique?

Perhaps a bit quirky at first site. One gets over it quickly, though. Seeing how harmless, non-agressive, fast reacting and effective method it is to relieve just about any problem or to put you on a fast-track for attaining any goal – you have to love it. And most often is free, you learn it and practice it yourself. The key is in tapping itself – that’s the active ingredient.

There are also important prompts going along with tapping scripts you could follow from others, or pre-write and follow yourself, which corroborate the focus on the issue at hand. This is not something you should be intimidated by, because nobody knows your goal better than you yourself. So be brave and give it a go. For the sake of your wholesomeness.

If you and the other is more wholesome, pretty soon the world (humanity) will steadily increase its vibration too.

We are here to convey our experiences to you and help you with integrating yourself into a natural way of living. That’s the noble goal we have dreamed up for you.

You can “fall back on us”, so to speak, like our daughter who loves playing free-fall backwards, standing on the couch and letting herself go on my chest.

Ready to start tapping along?!

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