The urgency of living like you should: sustainably

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Let me tell you some things about what urgency conjures up in my mind…

In some languages the word “urgency” is one and the same with the English “emergency”. If we added the word room, you would instantly get what I’m pointing at. Emergency room is where one doesn’t wish to be, yet the place where it is best to go in certain instances, that threaten our sheer existence of health or life. In Hungarian, the term “sürgősség” takes care of both senses, just like in Romanian “urgență” brings hopeful relief to all realms of cardinal trouble.

Let us, for a moment, merge urgency with emergency in the English cognition and imagine that the space surrounding this text and you reading it, is an urgency room where we need to treat a lifestyle that seeps precious life juices from thousand wounds. A sensitive and very fragile case. It calls for an exceptional holistic surgeon.

Something else comes to my contemplative mind: patient, patience-impatience dichotomy… It is a common scenario where the healer/seer/visionary is surrounded by frustratingly patient patients and the surgeon herself becomes impatient to help. Neither are desirable, however: neither ignorance or self-inflicted blindness on one side, nor impatient, hectic fire extinguishing on the other.

We want calm. The Earth aches for calm. Calm action. Calmation.

No doubt, it takes clear (clairvoyant) recognition of our mistakes, facing our mirror image with all its shadows, and sound delegation of a new order of priorities to each dutiful task. Dutiful conjures beautiful. Intuition is to lead. But intuition can use re-ignition, boost, encouragement to glow again at its full potential. And that is when the trusted guide comes to help.

Why, the best mentors come from the ordinary us, who have awoken to the urgency of realigning themselves with universal, benevolent flows, have begun tuning themselves to high frequency co-resonance with the body of the natural world, have tested this lifestyle and can guide from personal experience. The three of us at ForestCreekMeadows, Roland, Csermely and Cheryl are these kind of people. Real and congenial.

But a horse can only be lead to the water, not be forced to drink.

See, the key is to be a thirsty horse. To realize that you are desiccated by your current life-sucking path so full of harm, so void of blissful charm. All impulse, hardly any flow. Flow is precious. When have you been in one last?

What do you say, if Forest, Creek and Meadow invited you into such a flow?

Let us flow together.

The world thirsts togetherness more than ever. Low frequency fighting of the egos will gradually yield to this high-frequency ensemble. A state of mind and matter(s) in humanity’s history that supersedes any prior state, except, perhaps the long moment preceding our definitive separation from the apes.

Funny enough, seems as though in order to live sustainably, we urgently have to assume, once again, our animal intuition, hold on to it, never let go of, for any cost, and reverse the present mind-to-heart with the heart-to-mind flow. Only then can we claim brilliance for our minds, which will not be the greatest achievement to aspire for anyway.

Sustainable life is recognized by a guilt-free (re-)integration in nature’s patterns, bringing and being wholesomeness at once. A perpetual dynamic state of sustainedness. You can touch it, sustainedness begs you to touch and interact with it. It is so real, so corporeal! Sustainability morphed into sustainedness, as a result of a long chain of conscious intuitive decisions. It is no theory of the future, but the poetic future incarnation of theory.

This is what we propose to you at ForestCreekMeadows with love. Take advantage. And take advantage now.

Roland Magyar

Passionate rewilder, who lives outside of the world of compromises.

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