What’s for dinner?

Red paint is flaking off the withered sign,
on the already littered beach
“Catch of the Day – All You Can Eat!”, it silently proclaims.
There is no restaurant,
that is the catch,
the catch is in the sea.
“Menu, please!”
Scan the list with a delightful fright,
and start the meal off right with a tantalizing appetizer
of sea lettuce drenched in a spicy vinaigrette, topped with slivered almonds
shredded biodegradable bags, laced with streaks of petroleum and doll feet
What an unexpected treat!

Swimming on, the main course is already being served, hurry up and take a seat.
Open wide, let the spaghetti with meatballs and a refreshing soda flow inside –
it is our featured dish,
famous all around the world,
especially delicious when consumed at high tide.
plastic straws of varying lengths and hues with matching bottle tops, complete with a floating bottle of Coke to quench your empty space.

Don’t say that your belly is full,
a scrumptious dessert is yet to come.
How about a banana split with vanilla ice cream, coated with fun party sprinkles?
It’s a wonderful way to end the day, take two servings and slowly move on,
it was nothing more than
two yellow flip flops with a golf ball sized scoop of unmelting cream, the microplastics are calorie-free.

The delights of the sea, are in fact, complimentary.
We have not discovered a cure for plastic indigestion,
our policies do not stretch that far,
far beneath the surface,
it is a drifting free-for-all.
Bon appétit!

Written and recorded by Cheryl Magyar

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